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.nz aftermarket preview, week to 26-Jan-08

, posted: 21-Jan-2008 11:49

Expiring domains
No big ones anticipated this week.
Watchlist:, closes sat-26

What's hot?
- auction closes on wed-23, bids currently up to $1530, reserve not met.

* and (both)
- auction closes friday-25, started with $1 reserve, lots of bids but price still low

Pick of the current listings:
*, closes thu-24

What not to touch:

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Comment by Curious, on 17-Feb-2008 12:09


Just interested to know why not to touch

that's a pretty a good domain name to have?

Author's note by domainspace, on 8-Mar-2008 11:05

Yes, sounds like a name which could be popular due to the huge success of TradeMe Ltd in New Zealand.  The problem is that TradeMe own a number of trademarks in New Zealand which protect the use of the word "trademe" for a variety of goods and services.

Registering a domain name which contains the words "trademe" is just playing with fire - if your use of the domain name violates any of TradeMe's trademarks then they would have no problems forcing you to transfer the domain to them, meaning that you'd lose any money paid to acquire the name.  Even worse, they could take you to court and demand compensation for your illegitimate use of their trademark.

To clarify, it would be the use of that could get you into trouble, not the actual ownership of the name, but it is hard to imagine how that particular domain could be used successfully without violating any of TradeMe's intellectual property.

* Disclaimer: this comment is intended as casual advice and not as a verified legal opinion.  Please contact an intellectual property lawyer if you require an accurate and complete statement on this matter.

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