Following activity in the .nz space : will it drop?

, posted: 15-Apr-2008 19:39

There is just 1 week to go in what could be the most valuable .nz domain name to expire in recent times. has been registered since 1997 and has so far not been renewed by it's owners for the current period.

It's not often that a short, single-word, descriptive domain in the lucrative travel industry is allowed to drop and bids in the expired domains market are heating up - the top bid is sitting at $2449.50 at the time of writing this but that still sounds like a bargain compared to the development potential for a domain name like this.

Now it's time to wait and see whether this quality name will make it to the drop.

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Comment by LennonNZ, on 15-Apr-2008 20:02

www.expireddomains (where you saw this domain) just get people to bid for the domain and when it ready to be registered (automated) they try and get in quick before someone else can get it. (and the old owner makes nothing. do)

People can always contact the older owner before it expires and get it off them for next to nothing maybe


Author's note by domainspace, on 15-Apr-2008 21:13

Sure you can always try and contact the previous owner and discuss purchasing the domain name off them but this doesn't always work - sometimes the contact details are old or invalid, and sometimes the owner will realise that there is more interest in their domain than they had assumed, thus renewing the domain and setting a high sales price.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 15-Apr-2008 23:48

Nothing on my expiry script, crawls a list and a a quick check at 12:30 each night and some true gems have been snapped for a measley $30 and saved from those squatters forever.

Comment by John Motson, on 16-Apr-2008 10:57

The interesting thing about domain expiration is that once a domain enters the pending delete phase, the owner basically loses all control over it.

So, if there is only 1 week left for this domain to drop ( if the domain status indicates pending delete ), then it WILL drop.

It is now up to the domain snatchers to race towards who can get the domain name first.

What about the old owner? I would advise they go to "" or whatever the site is that deals with expired domain names and try to be the highest bidder.

It's the only way they can get their domain name back.


Author's note by domainspace, on 16-Apr-2008 12:21

"The interesting thing about domain expiration is that once a domain enters the pending delete phase, the owner basically loses all control over it."

Hi John, that's not the case with .nz domains.  The owner still has the ability to renew the domain for the entire 3 months of the pending delete phase. 

If your registrar doesn't allow this, then consider moving your domains somewhere else...

Comment by John Motson, on 16-Apr-2008 19:58

No, actually you are talking about the redemption period which last 30 days. During the redemption period you may get your domain back ( some registrars charge a fee others don't ). The pending delete period lasts for 5 days. During the pending delete period you can not get your domain name back. The domain is available for general registration after the pending delete period. Cheers John

Comment by Kiore, on 16-Apr-2008 21:44

To John Motson

You're confusing the .com rules with the rules. In New Zealand the remption period lasts the full 90 days.

I've seen domains renewed in the last few hours before dropping.

Comment by John Motson, on 16-Apr-2008 22:03

Aha cool. I thought the comment above "If your registrar doesn't allow this, then consider moving your domains somewhere else..." was meant for all tlds. I accept that the registry may have different rules for domain registrations to help protect it's registrants. Cheers John

Comment by domino, on 20-Apr-2008 15:47

Bids are up to $4306 now at there are still 2.5 days to go! Some of the other domains dropping this week are also getting high.

Author's note by domainspace, on 22-Apr-2008 20:41

In a bit of a let down, the current owner has renewed domain within the last few hours.

The top bid at expireddomains was $5250 before being pulled out of the auction.

It will be interesting to see if the domain name stays with the current owner, or if it was sold in a private transaction based on an amount higher than the top bid at expireddomains.

Comment by JohnZ, on 1-May-2008 21:27

domain_Name : Date First Registered : 1997-06-17T00:00:00+12:00 Date of Expiry : 2010-01-23T18:20:19+13:00 Date Last Modified : 2008-04-28T09:53:25+12:00 REGISTRAR Name : Domainz Limited Address : Private Bag 1810 City : Wellington Country : NZ (NEW ZEALAND) Phone : +64 4 473 4567 Fax : +64 4 473 4569 E-mail : It sound that it had been changed hand even I bid $5200 on it! Nice to meet some friends here. John

Comment by dax, on 3-May-2008 15:56

Hi John, are you certain that the name has changed hands. I could not see any relevant change in registrant details. I could be missing something.

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