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Logging feature in applications

, posted: 23-Jan-2009 10:41

In the past 6 months or so I have been working on a suite of applications inherited from somebody who has left the company. One of the issues is the fact that numerous assemblies are shared between quite a number of apps. By assemblies I don't mean the VS projects, but the built assemblies themselves. To complicate matters the source projects have gone ahead and changes have been made without careful recording of how they will affect the various dependencies. As a result we no longer have the source for these DLLs as when they were built as release version, without the debugging files. The whole thing is somewhat messy and makes debugging impossible.

This lead me to the subject matter. Should logging be a mandatory feature in every/most/some apps? If so, should it have multiple levels of detail configurable after deployment?

I'm sure these are basic questions that have been discussed long and hard in the software development world and I can probably google for the topic. Interested in what people have to say though...

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Comment by stevonz, on 23-Jan-2009 11:08

You might want to ask this question in the forums... not all that visit here read the blogs...

Comment by psycik, on 23-Jan-2009 14:33

Personally I think logging should be in almost all apps and yes you definitely want it configurable.

I've done it in my apps in various ways.  I do have a Common DLL that I can call up from other apps and use.  But some times I do want a really light weight app there is one particular static class I can include in a project.

It handles all the write message code, and various levels, and file rollover at midnight/on startup.

I've found that to be the most flexible.

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