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, posted: 7-Oct-2008 09:41

A confirmed “gadget geek”, Luke made the decision to use on-line technology as Epic’s principle form of branding and marketing.  The more traditional marketing methods would only be used as support.  “I’ve used the internet in business for over ten years and I know that on-line tools, used properly, can be very cost effective.  Perhaps the biggest change I’ve seen is that my target audience is pretty technology-savvy and is becoming more so every day,” he says.

Luke believes that people aged 25-45 do not get their information from billboards, television or even newspaper adverts anymore.  “These people use the internet, email, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Friendfeed and Flickr to gather information to help make their real-world purchases.  Epic has a strong on-line presence on all these platforms – in fact, they are all listed on the back of my business card,” Luke says.

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Comment by PDAMan, on 8-Oct-2008 16:22

This is an excellent story and I love the way Epic Beer is using new media to promote itself.

We have just launched the Location Innovation Awards and I would love to see Epic be one of the first breweries in New Zealand to use proximity based marketing or location based social networking for its brand.

Imagine this. You are walking past Grand Central in Ponsonby Rd and you get a text messaging from the Epic Beer Happy Hour Club, saying come on in and grab yourself a 2 for 1. Off course you would have opted in to the club and have said you were open to offers over the weekend and on Friday Night between 6 and 10PM.

Or you are a member of the Facebook Epic Beer social network and you are heading out for a few drinks on a Friday night. You have allowed your Facebook Epic Beer 'friends' to know your location. You arrive at the Masonic Tavern in Devonport and there on the bar is an Epic Beer sign saying text 'MASONIC' and (Your Facebook name) to the shortcode 374227 (EPICBR) and your friends will be able to find you here.

Would that be great or what?

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