Vote for Epic Beer - Cuisine Artisan Awards 2009

, posted: 15-Oct-2008 14:27

Do you love Epic Beer? Let Cusine magazine know that you can't live without it. Send an email to Tam West  ( before 7 November


Cuisine's Artisan Awards 2009

Have you caught up with news of Cuisine's inaugural Artisan Awards 2009? We're on the hunt for the best of New Zealand's boutique food and beverage producers, so if you use a product you can't live without, let us know. Send details of your favourites to Cuisine Artisan Awards 2009, c/- PO Box 37349, Auckland 1151, or email Tam West  ( before 7 November. Our panel of experts will narrow the field to 10 finalists and eventually one supreme winner, to be announced in our March 2009 issue.


With the help of the online geek community we should be able to get the message to Cuisine Magazine that people also love beer.

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 15-Oct-2008 21:39

done... :-)

Can I buy Epic in Hawkes Bay yet?

Author's note by epicbeer, on 16-Oct-2008 09:01

Epic in the Hawkes Bay - here is a Map of the outlets

You can also visit for all of New Zealand

Comment by sbiddle, on 16-Oct-2008 10:10

How about a Location Based Service for your mobile to point you in the direction of the closest Epic Beer retailer?

/me thinks he should TM the idea before Tony develops it! :-)

Author's note by epicbeer, on 16-Oct-2008 10:17

I'd be keen for someone to use Epic for a case study for a Location Based Service to win at the
Location Innovation Awards
The information gets loaded into Google maps as I get new outlets.

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