Epic to be brewed in England for biggest ale festival

, posted: 14-Feb-2009 21:20

New Zealand’s top brewer Luke Nicholas will be one of only six international celebrity brewers at the ‘World’s Largest Real Ale Festival’ in Britain later this year. Luke, head brewer at the Epic Brewing Company, has accepted an invitation to fly to Britain and make a special batch of his multi-award winning Epic Pale Ale for the International Real Ale Festival.

The two week festival is run by giant pub company JD Wetherspoons from April 15 to May 4 2009. During this time, their 700 British pubs will sell more than 2.5 million pints of real ale. Over 50 cask ales will be available during the festival but only six will be made by international brewers.

Luke says it is a huge honour and opportunity to be selected to produce 100,000 pints of his hoppy Epic Pale Ale for the festival. “It’s the first time Epic Pale Ale will be served from a traditional cask which is tremendously exciting. It is also fantastic to have the chance to brew at the historic Everard’s Brewery in Leicester. This independent brewery was established in 1849 – just nine years after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. It will be great to work surrounded by such history,” he says.

The beer will be brewed at Everard’s in mid-March before going on tap in April. Luke says he was invited because his signature Pale Ale is a world-class beer.

“Since launching in May 2006, Epic Pale Ale has won major beer awards and critical acclaim. Most New Zealander’s are only just beginning to discover the flavours I like to pack into my beer. It’s still quite unknown here but is gaining an international reputation as a ‘must-try’ New Zealand beer. International judges and experts that have tried it, hold it in high regard. Maybe brewing for the biggest festival in Britain will create a little profile and help Kiwis realise what they have on their doorstep!”

Luke has amassed a history of top awards for his beers over the last decade including the unique distinction of brewing the Supreme Champion Beer of New Zealand a record three times. He is raring to unleash his beer on unsuspecting British palates. “Another Kiwi brewery sent the Brits a pub. Epic is sending them the brewer. They won’t know what hit them!” Luke laughs.

Epic Brewing Company – www.epicbeer.com
Everard's Brewery - www.everards.co.uk
JD Wetherspoons – www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk

But before I go I will be in Wellington for the beer festival on the 28th Feb. Make sure you are at the Malthouse on the 27th Friday (night before the Beer Fest) to have a drink with me. I'll make sure there is some Mayhem.

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Comment by Mark Langdon, on 15-Feb-2009 15:34

Fantastic opportunity to demonstrate that the art of real beer brewing is still alive and thriving in the colonies.

Best of luck Luke. Knock em dead.

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