The Malthouse Epic Tap Takeover

, posted: 6-Dec-2010 16:03

The Malthouse Epic Tap Takeover - 15/12/10 15th December 2010 The Malthouse 48 Courtenay Place, Wellington
Doors open 12pm  8 Epic Beers - 1 Epic Bar Try eight Epic beers on tap, for the first time in one location Why? This is the unofficial* 5th Birthday of Epic Brewing Company. Also this is the official tap release of the Epic /Dogfish Head collaboration brew Portamarillo (as seen on Discovery Channel series Brew Masters, well seen in the US, NZ screen date to be announced) Plus it's Christmas time. Luke will also be announcing some really Epic news for 2011.  This will be the single most Epic event this year On Tap
Portamarillo - Epic / Dogfish Head Epic Lager Epic Pale Ale Epic Mayhem Epic Armageddon Epic Thornbridge Stout Epic Barrel IPA Epic Barrel Stout

[* unofficial as it was the date of first bottling but didn't actually officially start selling commercially till the 1st May 2006 ]

[** also there will be a few bottles of 2007 Porter, and a small sample of Impropriety (the distilled Epic Pale Ale), only available while it lasts]  

[*** the first 50 people get free Air Guitar rental for the evening] 


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