Orcon + Epic = Free Beer (This Thursday 6pm)

, posted: 5-Aug-2012 20:45

Epic made a beer for Orcon, cause Internet + Beer = Awesome

Orcon has taken a bunch of the beer for some events, gifts, staff and friends. But there will be a limited amount available out in the wild for a limited time. 

Want to try it FREE? Be at the bar at 6pm, and show the staff you have Tweeted, Facebooked or Untappd about the beer and get one for free.

First 50 bottles are free.

Use the hashtag #epicorcon and even a pic of the bottle will be helpful. Post a pic on Untappd and rate the beer with a comment and have a chance for a winning a prize.

(Hashtag, photo, rate, comment and mention the venue all increases your chances.)

Auckland - O'Carrolls Freehouse (50 free beers)

Hamilton - House on Hood (50 free beers)

Wellington - The Malthouse (50 free beers)

Christchurch - Pomeroy's (50 free beers)

The beer is a 5.6% American style Pale Ale
Hops used - US Cascade, Columbus and Simcoe.
Bottled in 500ml bottles.

Checkin here - Untappd - http://untappd.com/beer/209336

All events listed here http://www.forum.realbeer.co.nz/events

What the video of the making of the beer - 

More information

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Comment by muppet, on 5-Aug-2012 22:13

I remember having a quiet pint with Mr Patterson and him telling me about this Orcon beer and that it was still a secret.

Awesome to see the secret's out. Look forward to trying a pint.

Comment by SteveC, on 9-Aug-2012 22:01

Great evening! Caught up with my son for first time in a few weeks. Epic would be pleased to know that after our free beers (I posted on Facebook, and he commented on my post = two beers) I paid more than I usually would for another 500 ml Epic that we shared. Very nice beer!
Thanks for enabling it Mauricio!

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