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Motorola Nexus 6 Review

, posted: 15-Mar-2015 12:01

It's been a long time since I have posted here on Geekzone, but my recent experience with the Nexus 6 made me feel obliged to write something, somewhere, and why not here, on New Zealand's foremost technology website?I have owned many of the latest, high spec phones over the years, but that has been slowing down as of late, due to re-prioritizing my expenditure now that I have a family to support. That said, my last phone was the Samsung Galaxy S3. It was a phone that served me well, but like anything with age, it got slower and showed the obvious signs of wear and tear. After many times screaming profanities at it, when it would not charge, I finally relented and brought a new phone. Welcome the Motorola Nexus 6.I have wanted to purchase a Nexus phone for years, but never took up the option in the past as I always went for the latest high spec phone, and past Nexus models were always mid spec, a constant disappointment to me. So when news broke of the Nexus 6, a high spec but pricey p (read the entire post)...

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Nokia N900 - Initial Review

, posted: 7-Jan-2010 22:41

Well, I have had the Nokia N900 for over 1 week now and I feel I have got a good enough grasp of the device to post this initial review.The Nokia N900:This review, I have purposely written in such a way that it covers my experience with the N900 and thoughts, and as such does not detail every feature as they can be found in a thousand other reviews out there. Also, having come from the Nokia N97, I will make a lot of comparisons.So lets begin...Hardware:Build:The Nokia N900 feels solid and looks smart, but on closer look, one does feel some of the parts feel and look cheap. The volume rocker and camera key look and feel cheap, and the plastic cover covering the infrared port moves and does not appear very secure.Keyboard:The keyboard keys are small, but slightly bigger and better than N97 keys, and definitely do feel nicer and more responsive, although using the top row of keys can be annoying at times depending on the angle you hold the N900, while trying to press a key on the top row (read the entire post)...

Kiwibank 'heaps'

, posted: 25-Dec-2009 18:09

There is a new feature available to Kiwibank customers via their Internet site...it's called 'heaps'

It is a budgeting service, which once you agree to it, takes all your transactions and loads it into what can be best described as an online version of an home finances accounting package...

It has only been available only a short time, which I signed up immediately upon it's availability, and have had little experience, but in that short time I am so impressed, I had to blog about it...

It is a massive reality check.

It does take some time, and requires much tinkering and patience, and to be honest is not perfect, but it certainly does make it's point, and is not only good for a reality check, but is also functional given that based on the budgets targets you set within, it will withhold money from your account for savings, should that be what you desire.

Some highlights of the features of this service;

- You can categor (read the entire post)...

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100% Mobile Broadband - 1 Month Later REVISED & EDITED

, posted: 20-Sep-2009 18:14

I promised this review, in response to my blog post "Breaking my unhealthy & unsocialable Internet adiction'...

I took what some people suggested was a radical step, and disconnected my home ADSL on the 14th of August, to leave me only with mobile broadband, provided by Vodafone on my Nokia N97...

Nokia N97:

Well it has now been well over 1 month, and I have since received 2 monthly On-Account bills from Vodafone, so I can now detail my experience and data consumption.

Now to answer some questions...

Have I achieved the goals I initially set out?

Yes and no...

I initially planned to use the Internet less, get outside more and be more healthy and socialable...

I can say I have achieved that to a limited extent, as I now do use the Internet on my HTPC big screen allot less, but this is because I now get allot of my Internet fix on my Nokia N97, although I did expect this.
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Nokia N97 - The Final Review

, posted: 18-Sep-2009 22:57

Welcome to my final blog about the Nokia N97, a smartphone I have owned for about 3 months.

The Nokia N97 was many firsts for me...
- 1st Symbian phone
- 1st smartphone
- 1st $1000+ phone

And I learned allot from the expereince...

I have now sold my Nokia N97, although I am holding onto it until October 1st when I will hand i over to its new owner, at which time, I will be in a waiting pattern for the new Nokia N900, my next mobile device.

So now, let me tell you all I know about the Nokia N97, my experiences, my thoughts and my recommendations.

Intro & history behind the Nokia N97

The Nokia N97 was released roughly 3 months ago to great fanfare, as the ultimate multimedia smartphone, including 32GB of storage space, capable of storing and playing movies and music, and a device perfect for the 'uber connected' due to its Home Screen and widgets, with real-time updates...

On release, it cam (read the entire post)...

Nokia N97 - Folders/Apps Organisation/Customization

, posted: 5-Aug-2009 17:00

Welcome to the third in a series of blogs about the N97.

In my first blog, I highlighted all the major desired and required featues that are still missing from the N97, as well as bugs still to be sorted, and in the second blog, I covered optimisation tips and tricks.

In this blog, I will explain how to customize your N97 menu/folder structure, so to quickly find your apps, as well as displaying my own current setup.

Lets begin:

The default layout of the N97 is pretty scrambled, and finding your favorite apps can take time if the folder structure has not been rearranged to keep everything tidy and organised.

The great thing about Symbian, is it is much like Windows, allowing you to make, move, rename and delete foldes at will, this allowing us to create a simplefolder structure to easily find our apps.

To do this is easy, you take the following steps:

How to make a new folder

To make a new folder yo (read the entire post)...

Nokia N97 - Optimisation Tips & Tricks

, posted: 3-Aug-2009 17:45

Welcome to the second in a series of blogs about the N97.

In my first blog, I highlighted all the major desired and required featues that are still missing from the N97, as well as bugs still to be sorted.

In this blog, I will explain how to best optimise the N97, using all the tips, tricks and techniques I have learnt and experimented with over the past month or so.

Let me warn though, everyone has different expereinces, and while the steps I explain below myself and many others have followed and know work, I make no guarantees that you will obtain the same results.

I have broken my tuturial down into two major sections...
1) The whole process in order (with no detailed explanaion)
2) Each stage in detail

So lets begin:

1) The whole process (in order)

If you do not know how to do any one of these steps, read below for detailed instructions.
- Backup your contacts and messages etc by sync (read the entire post)...

Nokia N97 - The Definitive Wish List

, posted: 2-Aug-2009 20:10

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs about the N97.

I have been the proud owner of a Nokia N97 for over a month now, and in that time Nokia has rolled out a firmware update as well as updates to many of the included apps. But I have noticed, there are still many bugs, many irregularities, and many missing features.

That said, I have compiled a list of features missing but highly desired or needed, as well as fixes required.
They are as follows:

1) RAM
- Allow some of the Mass Memory to be used as 'Virtual RAM', its the only software solution, optimising apps is not enough
2) C: Memory
- Should be larger, 74MB is not enough, especially when there is 32GB available in the Mass Memory
3) Home Screen
- Allow muliple Home Screens, all customizable, flick screen lef or right to display
- Allow running apps to be displayed by flicking Home Screen in same manner, but flicking up or down
- Any widets/apps runnning tha (read the entire post)...

Breaking my unhealthy & unsocialable Internet addiction

, posted: 26-Dec-2008 11:13

I am trying to break my Internet addiction...(or at least cut it back)

I have over the years become bit of an unsocialable beast, having finished work, I just go home and spend every hour till sleep, on the net.

So heres my plan for breaking my addiction, or at least making it more manageable/healthy...

1) Get rid of my laptop
2) Buy a Nokia N97 (with a data plan)
3) Disconnect the internet at home completely

My thinking is this;

My laptop is what I use to do all my browsing, being the fastest machine and most convenient being portable with my wireless network...so to remove that temptation, I will just get rid off it (I have given it to my niece for Christmas)

This still leaves me with my HTPC and an old Compaq still connected, but there are good reasons to not use them for internet;
- The old Compaq is slow as a dog, and hidden away at the back of the house, and;
- The HTPC is hard to read, t (read the entire post)...

Slingshot = Poor Customer Help and Billing

, posted: 2-Dec-2008 13:51

I recently changed over from xnet to Slingshot, and this is my experience to date: I signed up over the web for broadband only, the 'Fire' plan, which included 15GB of data. A day or so later, I managed to get online using the Slingshot details, and checked my Slingshot account...it showed broadband and phone service had been enabled on my account? As I had not signed up for phone services, I called up Slingshot's help line to query it, but its automated system would not let me past an 'important message' that was waiting for me… The important message was to confirm the broadband and phone services were ready for use (again), from there, the automated system disconnected me. I called again, to go through the same process, this time the automated 'important message' telling me there was a delay in enabling the broadband (even though it was now on). The third time, I finally got through to a real person, and I questioned the phone services been on my account, to which I was ask (read the entire post)...

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