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ISP's 'Fair Use' Policies Compared

, posted: 22-Oct-2006 20:50

Continuing on from comparing the different ISP plans available or about to be released, an interesting differnce between them is thier 'fair use policies'...

They may seem small and insignificant, but they will have quite an impact on downloading speeds for a stated length of time as shown below...  

Woosh Wireless 'Reasonable Use Policy'
- Limited from 5pm to 12am
- If use more then 700mb during those hours:
     - speed throttled to 56kb, then returned to full speed at 12am
- No mention of targeting p2p

Xtra 'Fair Use Policy'
- Limited from 4pm to 12am
- If use more than 700mb during those hours:
     - will be put into 'fair use pool' for one whole week...
     - fair use pool involves group of high downloaders put together with set limited bandwidth quota, so are effectively throttled
- p2p will be throttled during peak hours

Maxnet 'Managed'
- Limited from 4pm to 12am
- If use more than 700mb during those hours:
     - will be placed in a pool of restricted bandwidth during peak hours...
     - pool of restricted bandwidth is the same as xtra 'fair use pool', so are effectively throttled
- No mention of targeting p2p

Main differences are underlined....

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Comment by Tom, on 24-Oct-2006 17:15

Just looking at the Woosh wireless reasonable use policy, and it says:

"During peak hours, users exceeding 700MB per day...will be speed restricted until midnight.

So this might mean then that if one was to download more than 700MB between midnight and 5pm (before peak started), they would be speed restricted regardless of how much they used in the peak times. Which isn't what you've got where you say "if use more than 700MB DURING those (peak) hours".

Author's note by TheBartender, on 24-Oct-2006 20:58

Not the case Tom

'During peak hours' is the important part of the sentence...

The policy clearly states that usage is 'unlimited', hence you can download more than 700mb in any given day, but they are also stating that a condition of having such an 'unlimited' plan is that you are restricted as to how much you can download during peak hours, 5pm to 12 in this case.

It then furthers to say that if you use more than 700mb during the peak hours of 5pm to 12am, (and only during those hours), you will have your speed throttled, but only to 12am, which happens to be the end of the 'peak hours'.

If the policy was to limit the user to 700mb per day then throttle, then this would not be 'unlimited' at all, and would be no different to a 30gb per month plan that are currently available.

So in theory with these new 'unlimited ' plans, I can download 10gb a day at full speed, providing its from 12am to 5pm (off peak hours), and then download no more than 700mb between 5pm and 12am (peak hours), without having my speed throttled at any time. 

Author's note by TheBartender, on 25-Oct-2006 13:58

Adding to that, I have just called Woosh and checked up on everything...
And sure enough, what I have stated above is correct.
You can download as much as you want in any given day...just only 700mb between 5pm and 12am...
If you download more than 700mb between 5pm and 12am, you will be throttled after exceeding that 700mb, until 12am that same day, and then returned back to full speed.

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