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Downloading Without Using Your Quota

, posted: 22-Oct-2006 21:11

In the current enviroment, a p2p downloader can blow their quota in no time, so is there a workaround?

Some ISP's offer free national traffic, yet most p2p filesharing is done using international traffic, so the question is obvious...

Q1) Is there a p2p program that allows the user to configure it to download off local/NZ people only?
Q2) How do you find and connect to local/NZ people

I read an interesting article, quite dated, but exactly what I'm talking about...
An old website used to provide just such a service, www.p2p.net.nz which has since been shut down.

A paragraph from the article:
"Because p2p.net.nz was run as a New Zealand only model, traffic to and from the site was predominantly local. Traffic on Telecom's JetStream Starter service and TelstraClear's Paradise cable network do not charge full rates for national traffic, so users weren't paying for the downloads. On top of that, connecting to other file sharers locally means the connection speeds are much faster than trying to connect to someone overseas. Orcon typically blocked international traffic to the local hubs." http://www.musicdish.com/mag/index.php3?id=9026

So the answer:

A1) 'Direct Connect' DC++, a p2p program thats lets the user to manually enter the address of servers to connect to...
A2) A couple of NZ websites with 'Hub Lists', hubs are basically the address of the servers used to connect to, instructions are also provided in the program and on the webpage how to enter them into the program itself.
New Zealand only DCC++ hub websites:


So now all you need is to be connected to an ISP that includes free national traffic in thier plans...
An example of this is Quicksilver.


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Comment by freitasm, on 22-Oct-2006 22:48

The article is from 2003. Back then TelstraClear (Saturn) used to have free traffic on its network, charge 10% of domestic traffic, and 100% on interntational traffic. This is now all gone, and all traffic on TelstraClear is charged, regardless of destination.

Comment by portege, on 22-Oct-2006 23:20

I used to do that, it works 90% of the time, until you accidentally connect to an overseas user (some how it still does it) and download overnight - blowing your quota in hours

Author's note by TheBartender, on 23-Oct-2006 13:39

Yeah, I think I remember those days, Telstraclear providing free traffic, shame thats all gone, but to what I read some other ISP's still provide free national traffic...
It is a very dated article.

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