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The 'ISP Media Mogul'

, posted: 24-Oct-2006 16:01

Dear to dream?

The 'ISP Media Mogul'

     - Super fast downloads/uploads
     - Portability, no land line required
     - Unlimited quotas (maybe on lesser speeds but sill fast enough for IPTV or VOIP)
     - Extra large quotas (on full speed) around 60-80-100gb+
     - Super cheap phone calls, locally, nationally and internationally
     - Use a comptiable WiFi mobile phone, using WiMax network
     - Offer local free-to-air channels free of charge, part of standard package
     - Offer international free-to-air channels for small subscription (to cover cost of international bandwidth)
     - Offer subscription channels/pay-per-view programs for a standard fee 
     - An online 'One Stop Shop', with seamless intergration simular to iTunes/Ipod
     - Available to download or stream
          - Movies
          - Music
          - Pay-per-view Tv channels
     - Competitive with current media providers such as Telstraclear, SkyTv and Telecom
     - Minimal initial cost, only require connection to the network and select a data package as a minimum

Is this to much to ask?
This is all available now, but in a fractured market, all of it is not offered by any one provider, and most importantly at a reasonable cost... 

Telecoms planned 'Triple Play' would have acheived some of this, with the release of thier ADSL2+ network, but thats been put on the backburner.

Telecom could rebrand itself from the currents status quo of a communications provider or infrastructure owner and operator, to a multimedia company. It already has the networks and infrastructure, so its a logical step to expand thier business utilizing any spare capacity to provide VOIP, IPTV, movies and music, all available on one website invoiced to one bill.

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