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, posted: 27-Nov-2006 21:38

So I have Xtra's 'Go Large' plan for about 3 weeks now, and am supremely disappointed.

Now I'm no gamer, so I know nothing about pings, latency or that stuff, I'm just a hardcore downloader, plain and simple, and what I do know and can review is the speed of my connection and amount of data downloaded etc...

Before moving to the Go Large plan, I was on Xtra's 'Go' plan, 2MB download speed with 1GB quota per month. This plan never suited me but as I got it for free, had no reason to change, that was until these new plans were released and thought, now thats worth paying for...

Now on my old 'Go' plan, I was consistantly hitting the plans maximum speed of 2MB, achieving excellent speeds downloading from international sites such as Microsoft as well as P2P...an example being I downloaded the Vista OS in roughly 4 hours (3.5GB)...now thats pretty good!

So thats my old Xtra plan, now compare that with my new Xtra 'Go Large' plan...

Doing regular speed tests, I have noticed my speed never goes over 2MB which is interesting, yet mostly is far less than that...and when loading websites, that inconsistency shows, sometimes loading fast, sometimes taking longer than dialup...thens theres the downloads...

Downloads are now non existant.

The Xtra 'Fair use policy' states that your not to download more than 700MB during the peak hours of 4pm to 12am...thats not been a problem for me, as I struggle to download anywhere near that all day, and I mean all day. I am purposely running my P2P application 24/7 and getting virtually nothing.

Heres my downloading stats for the last 3 weeks (roughly)

27 Nov = 677mb
26 Nov = 670mb
25 Nov = 594mb
24 Nov = 360mb
23 Nov = 1030mb
22 Nov = 480mb
21 Nov = 783mb
20 Nov = 661mb
19 Nov = 25mb
18 Nov = 16mb
17 Nov = 1mb
16 Nov = 1mb
15 Nov = 1mb
14 Nov = 93mb
13 Nov = 786mb
12 Nov = 984mb
11 Nov = 755mb
10 Nov = 603mb
09 Nov = 541mb  

Now this includes both downloads and uploads...total bandwidth used.

So as you can see from above, I'm downloading hard out, 24/7, and cannot download over 700MB in one day...thats just rubbish! Now I'm not saying this is what I would like to be able to do, but comparing what is happening on other ISP's, an article written by Juha for Computerworld states:

According to Longhurst, one such Iconz customer on the 2Mbit/s plan downloaded 220GB of “international data” in his first month.

Jeez...I wish!

So, the summary of my review is simple, Xtra's 'Go Large' plan is rubbish, absolute rubbish.

I am disapointed, after expecting so much more, and as a result, I have changed ISP's and giving Woosh a try, connect in the next few days, with a simular plan, so it will be interesting to see how they fare.

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Comment by Benjamin, on 29-Nov-2006 09:20

I was at a friends house for the weekend using their new Go Large account. What a joke. They were close to the exchange and in theory getting good speeds (I tested it to be running anywhere from 1mb/s to 5mb/s) but just the overall usage sucked big time. We were trying to play World of Warcraft and were constantly lagging out. Hes been having the problem since he was switched plan wise. Ive got a 2MB Wired Country plan myself and theres no way in hell I would accept the crappy service hes getting. I recommended he change ISP's but of course is caught up in the stupid contracts. But in saying that I have customers constantly complaining about all the major isp's "broadband" atm.

Comment by infide, on 1-Dec-2006 00:08

I have the Go Large and can download about 3-4GB per day during non peak hours using torrents. Either you havnt setup your appz properly or your just in shit area's, I also play bf2 and bf2142 on it with no lag or high ping issues

Comment by Sanjay, on 7-Dec-2006 15:22

I was also on "Go" plan and moved to "Go large". From 17th of last month till 4th of this month my download speed vary from 32kbps to 80 kbps. Xtra asked me to do speedmeter test 2 times but in vain. Nobody reverted me after 5 days as stating in their email. Finally, i called them again and was told that my line could only provide 98kbs. Strangely, i was able to upload at 128 kpbs. That means I am using different phone line for download and upload. How come layman in xtra would underatnd this.

That was enough for 4 years of commitment with telecom.

Now, i have moved to orcon and getting speed as stated by them on same phone line.

Worst customer service and a big bye bye to Xtra.

Author's note by TheBartender, on 8-Dec-2006 15:55

Well I have changed ISP's to Woosh, signed up for thier 'Orbit Flatrate' plan, which is virtually the same as Xtra's Go Large plan...

And the difference is immense.

Doing the speed tests, the best I have got so far is  download speed of 4.1mb download from an Auckland server...

Using p2p, I have been consistant download speeds, and have hit 1.7mb download speeds in Shareaza, which I'm happy with.

Reading how much others have managed to download in 1 month, such as 220gb in 1 month as stated above, I wont come close to that, as I dont have that much stuff I want to download...

The only way someone in my mind, could download 220gb in 1 month, is downloading a hell of a lot of porn...you only need so many operating systems, and how many movies can ya think of you want of the top of your head, and be able to get good connections to all of? them

Nah, that guy sounds dodgy.

Ill only hit around 40-50gb for the month, and without ever been throttled, I'm happy with that.

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