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Laptop Stuffed!

, posted: 20-Mar-2007 12:54

So, it seems just after 1 year, just out of warranty, my Toshiba Satellite M40 is a writeoff!

A couple weeks ago I started having problems with the laptop 'freezing' in random places....
I tried all I could think off to fix it, and lastly resoted to a fresh Windows install...
Yet to no avail, apoun a fresh install, the system would freeze again, each time in different places....

So I have done what no one likes to do, and given it to a techie to look at and fix.
The result, after 3.5 weeks of no results, is that they reckon the motherboard is stuffed somehow.

Now they are quoting roughly $720+GST for a replacement....add the $100 for thier service looking at it etc, and the fact they offered and I accespted to fix a shody USB port while in there....and I'm looking at over $1000 to get her up and running again!

So I've now gota ask myself, is it worth it?....
Am I better ro just buy another new...or second hand laptop....or is it actually viable to fix?

I paid $3300 for my Toshiba just over a year ago....and the specs are still hard to get today for most lappys...

2GHZ Centrino
DVD RAM drive
60GB hard disk
128MB GeForce 6600 graphics card
17' widescreen monitor

Now dont get me wrong, I'm going to hit up Toshiba and try to get this resolved somehow, and it will be interesting what thier reply is, and while they may have no legal obligation to do anything, I do believe they have a moral obligation, as nobody expects to pay $3300 for a laptop and it be stuffed after just 1 year, just out off warranty...especially a fulltime student like myself.

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Comment by Jama, on 20-Mar-2007 14:08

I has similar problem with a Tosh. Just out of warranty with a stuffed motherboard. I talked to Tosh and they ended up fixing it for me free of charge.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 20-Mar-2007 17:18

In New Zealand you are definitely still covered by the consumer guarantees act if it wasnt bought for business use.

Just over one year would never be consider 'a reasonable period of time' for a thirty three hundred dollar lappy.

Read up on the CGA, and quote it to the retailer (not necessarily Toshiba). Its the retailers obligation to put it right under the CGA (not Toshiba).

Toshibas obligations are covered under its warranty (which *has* expired).

I am not a lawyer!

Comment by timestyles, on 20-Mar-2007 18:25

3 words: consumer guarantees act.

Comment by Richard Wood, on 20-Mar-2007 20:00

Try exploring consumer law a bit. Give Consumer Institute a call or something. I don't think the warranty can override the consumer guarantees act. I don't have the wording to hand but I think it's something along the lines of being covered for as long as the product would typially be expected to last.

This assumes you're a consumer and not a business.

Comment by Richard Wood, on 20-Mar-2007 20:04

Here it is:



Guarantee of acceptable quality

Goods must be:

* fit for the purpose they are made for

* safe

* durable - last for a reasonable time

* have no minor defects

* acceptable in look and finish.


One year doesn't seem a reasonable time for a laptop to me.


Comment by s.joseph, on 20-Mar-2007 20:20

Dont get a new laptop. Complain to toshiba lol ive got the same laptop as you

Comment by lurker, on 20-Mar-2007 23:56

If you treated the laptop well and didn't subject it to any harsh treatment that would bring on this kind of problem, then I believe you should be covered by the Consumers Guarantees Act.


1 year's lifetime for a laptop is not reasonable in my eyes. Of course, a laptop being what it is, can sometimes be subjected to unusual stresses so the shop may claim you've mistreated it but in the end if you've been careful with it then IMO they should do the right thing and treat this as a warranty issue. The CGA trumps any limited warranty that retailers place on products, which is why those extended warranties are (mostly) a waste since you are paying for something which is your legal right anyway.

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