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Woosh Orbit Flatrate Fiasco

, posted: 5-Nov-2007 20:22

In the begining, there was Telecom's 'Go Large' adsl plan...

This lead to the birth of Woosh's 'Orbit Flatrate' adsl plan...

It has been a year since these plans shook up the adsl market, offering unlimited downloads, no quota, with maximum download speeds, giving all those wanting to stream and download movies and music what they always wanted, without fear of being slowed or having massive bills...

This was seen as a positive and significant milestone in the history of New Zealand ISP offerings.

Now it seems its all come crashing down and is coming to an end.

Telecom bowed out some time ago, taking thier Go Large plan of the market, and refunding all thier Go Large customers, after it was established they had all been severly affected by Telecoms attempts to 'manage' this plan.

Now it seems Woosh is following suit...

The service provided by Woosh for thier Orbit Flatrate plan has deteriated to such a state, at times it is completly unusable.

Since October, they have been purposely limiting the speed by restricting the total bandwidth available to all customers on this plan.

To make it worse, they had not told anyone they were going to do this, and when people started complaining (and there is a flood of complaints here on the Geekzone forums) they treated thier customers with utter comtempt by suggesting other faults when knowing what the problem was, and advising them to change plan to one with a quota (as that appears to guarantee speed), or just deal with it.


Woosh want customers off the Orbit Flatrate plan, onto more profitable plans that have limited data caps so to charge for more.

But the way they have gone about it is all wrong, and as a result, many Woosh customers wont simply change plan or put up with the poor service, they will vote with thier feet and change provider.

I have.

And if your still on Woosh's Orbit Flatrate plan, I recommend you do so to.

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