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Making money from a blog

, posted: 22-Dec-2007 03:14

Do I have the answers?


I have the questions.

I have had this blog for a while now, use the Geekzone site extensively, and am a internet addict.

It's time I try to make some money from my online experience....

I plan to tart up my blog cosmetically, and post more regularly, and try to post (not always) articles of actual interest, so to gain readers...

My question is this:

Who (if anyone) actually makes money out of their blog on Geekzone?

If so, who are they, how often do they post, what do they blog about.... what are the secrets to being a successful blogger?

Is Google Adsense the best way to go?...

Should one include both Adsense and Amazon affiliate?

Are there other options?...available in Geekzone?

More importantly, do these people make enough money out of Adsense to justify the effort?...or is it more ego/passion.

I'm sure their would be many here interested to know the answers to these questions...

So many questions...

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Comment by rscole86, on 22-Dec-2007 08:12

As far as the adds go... you can post your own adds now into your blog!
So depending you what you write about, you can sell some space on your page.
Also, the more adds, ie both Amazon and Google, potentially you can make more money. However, some people get annoyed at adds.

I would say that passion would have to be the main drive for most people out there! Very few (if any?), would make a living off blogging.

I guess the main thing is to make sure that you discuss/blog what everyone wants to know. Always discuss tomorrows interest, and not yesterdays. And try to make sure you appeal to a world wide market, and not just New Zealand.

Comment by freitasm, on 22-Dec-2007 08:33

Good questions. Making money is not easy. You have to balance the content well so to make it interesting to readers. Good writing (grammer, syntax) is important but content is fundamental.

Write plenty and make sure you don't have big time spaces between posts.

Keep the blog topical. Network offline because this helps online. Network online because this helps offline.

Google AdSense pays relatively well if you have a good readership. You can add your own banners on Geekzone now hence offline network is important - that's how ads are still sold.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 22-Dec-2007 10:59

I make a not-insignificant amount of money from adsense on my blogs. I blog when I have something interesting to say - which might be once a week, or it might be 5 times in a day. The more regular and topical the better. Note I decided to split my VoIP postings away to a new blog at myAsterisk.co.nz, as it serves a niche interest.

Its worth putting some effort into, though you need to be pretty focused. I am sure I could triple my earnings if I was more focused myself (More regular quality posts, and some effort into marketing my blogs).

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