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, posted: 29-Dec-2007 22:04

I have started my next project, a HTPC (Home Theatre PC) wiki...

Having enjoyed my experience helping with the NZ Connections wiki, I have decided to have a go at it myself, but I still will be contributing to the NZ Connections wiki from time to time, but taking a less intensive role, as I feel the hard work has been done, and its now for others to join and add their contributions.

So this leads me to my HTPC Wiki...

I have an interest in both movies and computers, and have always looked to combine the two properly, and I currently have 529 movies in my collection, all stored on my network drive. I have been planning for some time to build my own HTPC (Home Theatre PC), and have done some costing and planing, but not proceeded as of yet.

Now I plan to build on what I learnt at NZ Connections, and build a wiki compiling everything one needs to know to build a HTPC. This will include:
  • A list of and descriptions of all the possible hardware required/desired
  • A list of and descriptions of all the possible software required/desired
  • Pre-built/configured packages, available from retailers
  • Comparisons of hardware, software, and packages
  • A compatibility chart
  • A list of resources/links offering guidance to building HTPC's, components etc
The killer feature I believe will be the compatibility chart.

To be honest and straight up, I do have additional motives...
I plan to build the wiki, which anyone can contribute to, and will always remain a free resource for everyone once completed. But I also plan to build a business around it, offering those who visit the site, to build configurations for them of their choice, as well as retail pre-determined configurations.

But the business side of this project is a long way of, and depending on things may not happen at all. The wiki is my first and only concern at this point, providing everyone who visits it a conclusive resource for all things to do with HTPC's.

Currently, the wiki is being hosted and provided free by means of adverts through ScribbleWiki, although I can remove that easily and cheaply, I am content with the status quo while in building stage, but will look to change that as the site develops and grows.

So I welcome anyone who wants to join and contribute to what will be a fantastic resource for all those wishing to build their own HTPC, and what will in future I believe will become mainstream. I welcome any suggestions of possible content or features to be included.


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Comment by paradoxsm, on 30-Dec-2007 15:12

Very cool and good work thus far! I will scour this site in the weeks to come as my own custom machine I built back in 2000 from a K6-II 500 and a BT848 card (HVCplus) is getting well past it's use-by date now.

I might even add my own stuff toi NZcomms as time permits. i'm rather busy these days!

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