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, posted: 29-Mar-2008 13:34

Recently I have been busy adding new functionality to the HTPCnz wiki, with the addition of several extensions...

Just added:
  • Chat - I have used Extension:Chat (WikiChat) which required phpfreechat...basic but all necessary features there, blends in with the wiki nicely as extension creates a 'chat' tab on every wiki page, linking to a special page with the chat embedded as an applet. Very cool.
  • Forums - I currently have AWC's Forum extension v1.2, but am about to upgrade to v2.0, and have been helping AWC extensively test and debug this upgrade, and can say it is feature rich, bug poor. AWC's forum extension looks more like traditional forums than any other Mediawiki extension currently available and integrates perfectly within the wiki structure using an identical skin and using the wiki authentication system, and with the upgraded version comes many new features, including:
    • Permissions based restricted forums
    • Stickys, locked threads, announcements
    • User signatures & avatars
    • New activity indicators
    • Extensive admin section with many configurable options
    • Moderator ability's
  • Blogs - I have used Extension:MyBlog which again integrates perfectly within the wiki site, giving every signed in member a blog to use at their will. While not user configurable, it serves its purpose nicely, with new blogs posted on the wiki front page using the DynamicArticleList extension, and also through a sidebar link to all the blogs, in order of most recent.
  • Automatic updating list - I have used Extension:DynamicArticleList for the front page, displaying all the latest updates/changes within the site. This includes changes to blogs, new pages, recently changed articles and listing the most popular articles. A very informative tool.
With these additions, HTPCnz now has a solid communication base, allowing people to communicate instantly in real time (chat), leave posts to come back later (forums), or publish their own online story's (blogs)

Every feature I add to the HTPCnz site is chosen on the basis that it not only works well, but integrates within the wiki structure, so the user experience is seamless, and the user always has the same wiki navigation layout available.

The forums and blog extension required edits to the current version code...took me a while to track them down and make them work, but perseverance paid off...if you would like to make one of these extension work on your wiki (mine Mediawiki v1.11) I can give you the edited files to save you time.

If you have any questions about my experiences with or how I installed some of these extensions, please message me or post a comment here.

With this I hope the site will continue to grow and be beneficial to all.

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