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Live Mesh

, posted: 25-Apr-2008 22:27

Live Mesh - the latest offering from Microsoft sounds interesting...

It is currently in a closed 'Tech preview' beta testing stage.

On first look, it appears to be a combination of Remote PC and SkyDrive with file synching abilities, which while will have a use, is nothing really that new or exciting...

But what does sound interesting, is the ability of the service to connect to a variety of devices, not just PC's, but Macs, handhelds, mobiles and more...

And more interesting yet again is the online programs...the concept of an 'online operating system' may not be so far away...so in theory, this service, using the Remote PC feature, will be able to control a remote PC and run the programs stored on that PC, but also run programs stored in cyberspace?

Is this the beginning of the end of the need for full-blown PC's, hard disk storage and computing power for applications?

It would appear, the makings are there, for everything that is done today on a PC, to be done via this online service, and all that would be needed is a very basic PC that just connects to the internet.

Could this eventually lead to an 'eMagi' type of device, like that in the movie 'The First $20 Million is Always The Hardest''...I would love to see that!...that device is way beyond cool!

I am following this with interest...have signed up to test/preview.

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