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Slingshot = Poor Customer Help and Billing

, posted: 2-Dec-2008 13:51

I recently changed over from xnet to Slingshot, and this is my experience to date:   
  • I signed up over the web for broadband only, the 'Fire' plan, which included 15GB of data.
  • A day or so later, I managed to get online using the Slingshot details, and checked my Slingshot account...it showed broadband and phone service had been enabled on my account?
  • As I had not signed up for phone services, I called up Slingshot’s help line to query it, but its automated system would not let me past an 'important message' that was waiting for me…
  • The important message was to confirm the broadband and phone services were ready for use (again), from there, the automated system disconnected me.
  • I called again, to go through the same process, this time the automated 'important message' telling me there was a delay in enabling the broadband (even though it was now on).
  • The third time, I finally got through to a real person, and I questioned the phone services been on my account, to which I was asked, did I not want phone services?
  • After explaining I never signed up for phone services, and the CSR agreed having looked at their available records, they said they would disconnect the phone services for me, at no extra charge! (as if like they were doing me a favour for fixing their mistake).So that was the signup and connection process...now 1 month later:
 I went online to check my bill and data usage, to find the following:  
  • I have been charged for phone calls (even though they 'disconnected' the phone services.
  • My data has been charge correctly (of course) but does not show the correct amount available...
  • It states I used my initial 15GB, then it automatically added an extra 5GB at $10, another 5GB at $10, then I changed the settings and manually added 50GB at $50...
  • Total broadband bill = $50 (50GB) + $10 (5GB) + $10 (5GB) = $49.95 (plan base cost) = $119.95 Yet my 'Purchased data blocks' shows the following:
  • 42.6GB, of which I have used 18.76GB, leaving 23.84GB remaining?
  • But I have been charged for a total of 50GB + 5GB + 5GB = 60GB ($70)
 So this is beginning to annoy, and there is a pattern emerging here...  
  • Slingshot use too much automated phone lines (to cut costs) cutting real people out of the process.
  • They do not care much for getting it right from the start, nor getting it fixed properly and promptly.
  • They appear to be trying to take advantage of those who do nothing or ignorant, by charging for services not wanted by the customer, and charging for data but not providing the full amount paid for.
 I obviously do not have a good first impression of Slingshot...Can they improve, can they fix it?Time will tell.

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Comment by Dratsab, on 2-Dec-2008 19:42

Based on the volume of previous comments about your current provider that have been posted in these forums, I would say "your outta luck fella..." if you're expecting the situation to be fixed.

That aside, has your original reason for moving from xnet (speed) worked out?

Author's note by TheBartender, on 2-Dec-2008 20:52

I am not too worried, just letting everyone know what I have expereinced, and then they can make thier own decisions.

If I find the problem continues for me, I will just change ISP, no biggie.

But answering your question, my original problem of speed is fixed, yes...
But that said, had I changed from the Torrent plan to a pay-per-meg plan with xnet, my speed would have improved there too...but I dumped them as I was not happy with the way they dealt with the situation, they just throttled the plan, and ignored thier customers.

Comment by Detruire, on 2-Dec-2008 23:03

Although I've been lucky enough to escape billing issues (haven't been cut off, got one 'free' day of DSL... although I believe I'm regularly being charged ~1c too much for toll callls ), I do have something to say about the "help" desk:


The "help" desk is completely useless. Not once (out of ~10 times I've called) has my issue been solved or followed up.

I've been waiting for literally months for them to fix or follow up on latency issues, which they don't seem to care about, and for one guy to "ring back tomorrow" (also months ago.)

Author's note by TheBartender, on 2-Dec-2008 23:23

Yes, I got that impression from the helpdesk today...

When I asked why I had been charged for phone calls when it was not a service I signed up for, the CSR tried to rationalise thier motives...to no avail, she in the end agreed to reverse the phone call charges (only $6.30)

But when I questioned the data, she said thats another department, can't do anything about it...I asked to be transfered, to which she responded 'No'

End result?

I have made it clear I will not pay this months bill until they correct my data usage to show what I have paid for (and reverse the phone charges which they have done)

How long I will  be able to hold out before they cut me off and take me to the debt collectors, I don't know...but if they (heaven forbid) just fix thier admin errors, then I will pay my bill as owed.

Comment by Scott Hoogerbrug - Slingshot, on 3-Dec-2008 09:26

Hi TheBartender, Agreed this is not a good look. Can you email me your account number and I will get this followed up for you.

Author's note by TheBartender, on 3-Dec-2008 11:26

Thank you Scott, an email has been sent.

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