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Breaking my unhealthy & unsocialable Internet addiction

, posted: 26-Dec-2008 11:13

I am trying to break my Internet addiction...(or at least cut it back)

I have over the years become bit of an unsocialable beast, having finished work, I just go home and spend every hour till sleep, on the net.

So heres my plan for breaking my addiction, or at least making it more manageable/healthy...

1) Get rid of my laptop
2) Buy a Nokia N97 (with a data plan)
3) Disconnect the internet at home completely

My thinking is this;

My laptop is what I use to do all my browsing, being the fastest machine and most convenient being portable with my wireless network...so to remove that temptation, I will just get rid off it (I have given it to my niece for Christmas)

This still leaves me with my HTPC and an old Compaq still connected, but there are good reasons to not use them for internet; 
- The old Compaq is slow as a dog, and hidden away at the back of the house, and;
- The HTPC is hard to read, the wireless keyboard is a strange uncomfortable fit, and the mouse not that responsive.

So in theory, it will not be as easy or enjoyable for me to use the Internet at home now.

Then, when I buy my new Nokia N97, including a plan with data, I will have easy access to the net, with regular updates on social networking sites and browsing etc...

Having that access, I will disconnect my internet access at home completely.

Overall, increased mobile costs (data costs) it there likely will not be any savings to make, but the point of the exercise is to get me out of the house, which I think this achieves.


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Comment by psychrn, on 26-Dec-2008 16:11

Seems a bit drastic-hope it works out.
You will certainly go through the data.
Hope you are ok with the smaller screen size.

By the way I had a hell of a job reading your blog-that type face was very hard to read

Comment by Zach, on 26-Dec-2008 19:14

So what will you be doing instead? It's not as easy to change your habbits simply by saying "I'm going to spend time in the kitchen instead and invite guests for dinner".

Comment by TheBartender, on 27-Dec-2008 12:07


Drastic?...maybe...but required.

As for data...I don't know, time will tell, but I will be sticking to a plan and its quota so will have to ration usage somewhat...I will only be using it for checking email, and viewing sites such as Geekzone, CNET, Stuff and maybe some social networking sites...no downloads.

I think I could manage it all on 1GB easy enough, as almost managed that at times on home connection...but if there was a 5GB plan available at a reasonable cost, I would look at that.

As for the small screen...once again won't know how I will manage untill I try it...but it will get easier with time no doubt.


Yes, very true...its part of my News Years resoutions...looking to make some substanial lifestlye and diet changes etc etc

Needs to be done...time for a change, don't like my current direction.

Time will tell, have to be optimistic and positive about these things...and ya gotya at least try, or will never know, never change.

Comment by Dratsab, on 29-Dec-2008 11:26

Good luck with that!

I know, to a degree, what you're on about.  My partner grumbles at me every now and again about spending to much time surfing.  And I agree - it's not a particularly productive thing to do.

Comment by Zach, on 5-Feb-2009 02:22

Any word on how this is going?

Author's note by TheBartender, on 5-Feb-2009 10:18

Well, I gave away my Toshiba laptop to my niece as a Christmas pressie...

As for disconnecting altogether, I will not do that until I have the Nokia N97...which will not be available until at least late March, possibly as late as June (I may get something different if better turns up before then)

At this very moment, I can honestly say my internet consumption has actually increased...but thats only because I badly twisted my ankle and have had to spend the last 3 weeks at home with my leg up!

Comment by Foo, on 5-Aug-2009 05:45

So, you have now got your N97...how is it the cut off working out for you?

Do you have a replacement for all the time you were spending online?

Author's note by TheBartender, on 5-Aug-2009 06:38

I have yet to cut the cord.

I currently have 'zero rated' internet on my mobile, being its completely free and has no data limit (for a limited time)

And I do have a cool app, JoikuSpot, which can turn my mobile into a hotspot, meaning when I come home and want to cruise the net on the big screen, I can.

I certainly love my N97 and feel connected anywhere and everywhere now, so needing my home PC less and less...love tweeting from it.

But yes, I must make the final push and cut the cord, disconnect the ADSL...maybe today?

Author's note by TheBartender, on 7-Aug-2009 19:23

I have just made the call to Slingshot, to disconnect my internet as of the 14th this month.

Time will tell how this works out, I will do a follow-up blog a month after disconnection to report how I am progressing with this idea.

Stay tuned.

Comment by Foo, on 10-Aug-2009 08:14

I'll be checking back to see how you go. I'd be interested to hear if it makes it harder to blog and if there is any part of your normal day to day life that you can no longer do.

Comment by Foo, on 24-Aug-2009 22:24

So you were disconnected on the 14th? Any chance of doing a post for the 14th next month along the lines of 'one month with only mobile internet' or similar? I'm sure that would be interesting!

Author's note by TheBartender, on 26-Aug-2009 15:07


3 weeks from today, stay tuned.

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