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Nokia N97 - The Definitive Wish List

, posted: 2-Aug-2009 20:10

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs about the N97.

I have been the proud owner of a Nokia N97 for over a month now, and in that time Nokia has rolled out a firmware update as well as updates to many of the included apps. But I have noticed, there are still many bugs, many irregularities, and many missing features.

That said, I have compiled a list of features missing but highly desired or needed, as well as fixes required.
They are as follows:

1) RAM
- Allow some of the Mass Memory to be used as 'Virtual RAM', its the only software solution, optimising apps is not enough
2) C: Memory
- Should be larger, 74MB is not enough, especially when there is 32GB available in the Mass Memory
3) Home Screen
- Allow muliple Home Screens, all customizable, flick screen lef or right to display
- Allow running apps to be displayed by flicking Home Screen in same manner, but flicking up or down
- Any widets/apps runnning that require an internet connection should have thier own editable connection settings
- Allow folders to be selected in the shortcuts widget, just like apps and bookmarks
- Bug when Mass Memory mode is used, widgets that were installed on the Mass Memory are removed from the Home Screen, and are not put back.
4) Application Manager
- Allow the easy removal of any application installed, including default apps and Nokia helper/setup apps
5) Music, Videos and Photos
- Provide codec support for various video formats, in paricular divx
- Fix video and photos browsers to correctly display all content
- Photo Browser should not display videos
- Music player should have visulizaions
6) UI Theme Effects
- Provide the effects displayed in the promotion advertisments, whenever touching the touch screen, a blot is displayed on screen at the point of touch and sound made at the same time
- Consolidate the tapping through menus. Either everything is single tap or everything is double tap
7) Keyboard
- The 'long press' for numbers
- An On-screen querty keyboard
8) Task Manager
- Should display used/available RAM, phone memory and mass memory, as well as running apps
- Should notify of an app thats jus been placed into the background, so i can be either closed or hidden, as some apps 'disapeer' into the background, you forget or dont realise they are still running, and are using valuable RAM
9) Web Browser
- Better Flash support
- Needs simple 1 push back/forward buttons
- Needs simple 1 push close/exit button
- Needs cut and paste
- Needs right click to offer options such as save picture
- Buttons should be transparent
10) N-Gage
- Games need to take up the full screen
- Should be able to use touch screen to drag games around there enviroments, rather than using the D pad
11) Connection Manager
- A simplified and automatic way of changing beween 3G and Wifi and back and forth again
14) Making Calls
- The ability to make/hang up calls using the green/red buttons, rather than the current swipe method
15) Email
- MFE should support HTML email

What are your thoughts, what do you think the N97 is missing or needs fixing?

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Author's note by TheBartender, on 2-Aug-2009 23:35

Next blog: Nokia N97 - Optimisation Tips & Tricks

Comment by Ivan, on 3-Aug-2009 00:45

The Speed Dial works with 2 touchs if you use the old schema using 1-dial. Associate a phone with number, press the dial(middle bottom of home screen) and press ad hold the number wanted (like the non touch phones).

The C: drive is crap, for a phone with 32GB the C: is too small, considering that many things are force in C:

The Mass Storage USB Mode when used, disable the widgets which are stores in the 32GB partition and dont restore. If you have your e-mail or SMS in mass storage. The config should be restored when the USB is disconnected.

The Home screen should permit to add Folders in Shortcuts instead of only Applications and Bookmarks.

Comment by bigreddog, on 3-Aug-2009 08:22

Re Removing Apps easily - can do in two ways:
1 - From within a menu click "Options" then "Organise", then click on the icon of the app you want to get rid of and click "Options" then click "Delete"

2 - "Settings" then "Application Manager" then "Application Manager" find the app you don't want any more and click "Uninstall".

Both methods uninstall all the components etc of that App.

And Speeddial - ^^^ what Ivan said!

Adding one - MFE - needs to support HTML email!

Otherwise I agree - its a great phone, just a few things it could do better!

Author's note by TheBartender, on 3-Aug-2009 12:58

@ Ivan

Thank you, I never tried the 'long push' in speed dial, even though thats how I would have done i on my old basic Samsung...just figured it different being a touch phone I guess.

So the speed dial is fine then I can confirm, 2 taps total.

@ bigreddog

Thank you, but obviously I know how to remove apps...the apps I speak off are the ones that have no uninstall/delete options, such as Boingo

Boingo, you will find, is not listed in the Apllication Manager, and when using the organise method, there is no delete in the options. There are several apps like this.

Otherwise thank you both for your comments, I will add your concerns/suggestions to the list.

Comment by Dave, on 17-Aug-2009 14:58

Very good list. I have a couple more with my N97. Not able to set number of rings before autoanswer connects to bluetooth handsfree. This is for "In Car Settings" Second, I find I set one ringtone of my own for "All" calls and it is hit and miss where it works sometimes and other times it goes to default Nokia ringtone. Third, when setting "Call Forward" all fax calls to a specific number I get "Request Not Completed" message. Had N95 for 2 years and it had a lot less bugs.

Comment by Hani Obaid, on 3-Sep-2009 04:17

To me there are a handful of problems which if resolved would make it a perfect phone: 1. Screen too small (needs to be taller) 2. at least 4GB C: memory (I don't care if it makes the phone $100 more expensive), it's essential. Even then we should be able to use the mass memory for more virtual memory. For crying out loud kingston is selling 256GB flash disks now, this 70MB crap is unacceptable childsplay, and they don't even mention it when advertising the phone, they just say 32GB (referring to the mass memory. Moreover, once a program is installed on mass memory it shouldn't be allowed to write on c:. Mass memory should be the only thing it sees. 3. The directional keys need to be on the top level rather than slide with the keyboard for better gaming. 4. Full keypad, it's annoying dialing horizantal, and you don't always want to use the onscreen one. 5. More responsive touch screen, and one that supports multi-touch. 6. Faster CPU, don't just match the competition, be the leader! 7. Camera lense gets dirty too easily, and the cover itself dirties it as it slides. N95 camera was much better designed and much more rugged. 8. Application manager crashes and runs out of memory when there are over 150 apps installed. We should be able to access suite settings from the app. shortcut icon instead having to open the bloated app manager. How can it run out of memory with 50MB free and no other application started ? It's just a list for crying out loud. Poor design that's how. 9. The web browser is a complete disappointment when compared with apple's safari and it's touch controls to zoom in and out. This needs a lot of work. 10. Full internet radio applet like vtuner, and free maps, not just trial. as well as built-in ebook reader software with TTS support, not a crappy trial version of adobe! --------------------------------- A. OVI suite is outdated junk. It's bloated, buggy, poorly organized, and plain ugly. Nokia needs to hire some professional programmers, and do some studies on UI, and listen to user feedback. B. Nokia support is dismal. When I reported a problem, they asked me 40 questions, then the same 40 questions again, and then no answer for 3 weeks!

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