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Nokia N97 - Folders/Apps Organisation/Customization

, posted: 5-Aug-2009 17:00

Welcome to the third in a series of blogs about the N97.

In my first blog, I highlighted all the major desired and required featues that are still missing from the N97, as well as bugs still to be sorted, and in the second blog, I covered optimisation tips and tricks.

In this blog, I will explain how to customize your N97 menu/folder structure, so to quickly find your apps, as well as displaying my own current setup.

Lets begin:

The default layout of the N97 is pretty scrambled, and finding your favorite apps can take time if the folder structure has not been rearranged to keep everything tidy and organised.

The great thing about Symbian, is it is much like Windows, allowing you to make, move, rename and delete foldes at will, this allowing us to create a simplefolder structure to easily find our apps.

To do this is easy, you take the following steps:

How to make a new folder

To make a new folder you would take the following steps:
Menu > Options > Organise > Options > New Folder > name it >OK

How to move apps into a folder

To move apps into a folder you have just made (or a default folder) you would take the following steps:
Menu > Options > Organise > using touch screen, drag the choosen app to above the folder you want to place it in, and release > Done

The app should fall into the folder, and you will now be taken to inside that folder
Folders can also be dragged and placed into other folders.

Example of a personalized N97 menu/folder layout (mine)

Home Screen

You will notice I have used two shortcut widgets, for quick access to my most used apps.

Main menu

In the main menu, I have my most used and important apps, that I do not have space for on the Home Screen.

The three most important are the File Manager, Settings, and Applications, hence I put all three on the bottom row for quick touch. 

The Games and Applications are both folders, of which apps can be moved into.


This folder speaks for itself, holds all my games (all 3 of them)
N-Gage actually holds multiple games.


This folder is where all newly installed apps are put by default, and can become a mess once many many apps have been installed, thus I have created easily identifable folders within this folder.

They are:
Internet - for anything that connects to the net or networking
Audio-Video - for anything to do with audio or video
Nokia - for default Nokia apps
Office - for anything to do with productivity, documents etc 




This folder could be bes described as a dumping ground for all the useless helper apps pre-installed with the device, which I will never use, bu they cannot be removed.


And there we have it.

I have everything bundled into tidy logically titled folders.

I hope this blog helps you in taking control of your N97.

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Comment by psychrn, on 5-Aug-2009 20:48

although I dont have a symbian device at mo I enjoyed reading your post 

Author's note by TheBartender, on 5-Aug-2009 22:35

Thank you.

I am trying to be more creative with my blog posts, using images and video where possible, so they not all long boring rants of text.

I also need to overhaul my bland ugly blog presentation, make it all easier on the eye...but I am too lazy to do this.
Anyway, more N97 posts to come.

Author's note by TheBartender, on 5-Aug-2009 22:36

If anyone is wondering, I took these images using the app ScreenSnap.

Comment by anzac, on 7-Aug-2009 19:34

I was told this moble had a G.P.S. unit in it .
All i need to know  is how to find a craypot set in the ocean , at night time . I used to use a float/flag of metal foil and pick it out with radar, but increasingly there is so much so much reflective floatsome about I'm having problrms founding my pots. A cellphone of this calibre would be usefull at sea and ashore. 

Author's note by TheBartender, on 7-Aug-2009 20:43

Yes it has GPS built in...what it is like at sea I do not know...but i will test it tonight on the ship...

Author's note by TheBartender, on 7-Aug-2009 22:41

GPS works like a treat at sea...I stepped outside and it zeroed in on my location in an instant.

Comment by Jamie, on 1-Dec-2009 16:49

Hey, Just wondering if you could help me with something. I have downloaded some themes and games onto my computer and am trying to put them on my phone but no matter what folder I put them into when I look for them on the phone I can't see them. What am I doing wrong? thanks.

Comment by ajm, on 13-May-2010 05:00

all well and good,But there is still 1 major issue if i was to organise my music the way i have it in my laptop,how would i do that because when ever i copy 1 of my folders on to the n97 it just copys them on the phone with my folder name for example ajm folder,100 soung copyed to n97 only 1oo songs this is some what confusing because the n97 can have 45gb memory kg ajm

Comment by Stevo, on 4-Feb-2012 21:00

Is there any way of customizing the N97 to start email or text app when the keyboard is slid out?

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