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Ubuntu from the eyes of a new Linux user

, posted: 14-Dec-2007 21:45

Interesting article, written by a new Linux user, who has been using Windows all his life, and now wants to give Ubuntu a go.
For the average user, Ubuntu appears to come with everything you need straight out of the box. A browser, an office suite, imaging software … when I did need extra software, it was simply a matter of loading up the synaptic package manager and searching for what I wanted; Ubuntu then proceeded to install it and configure all of its dependencies automatically.
As usual, everyone has different requirements, but for this user it worked out. And as I have written before, using Linux and installing software has become very simple with modern distros.

And some closing sentiments from the article:
...[Ubuntu] beats Windows in terms of speed, reliability and aesthetics. There seemed to be open source software for everything I needed to do, and I didn't have to compile or manually install once.
Aesthetics are always a matter of taste. In some tasks it might be faster, in others slower than Windows. Same with reliability, which generally, however, is very good. But the last sentence there is important: All the software you might want, without having to compile or do anything manually at all.

Linux is not 'difficult' or 'complicated' anymore. If you haven't done so already, give it a try. A live CD allows you to take a look without touching your harddrive at all.

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Comment by informationminister, on 15-Dec-2007 00:36

Well, it depends on your user experiences. When I first tried linux it was horribly confusing and I opted for Mac OS X. I now run linux, but I'd never really recommend it to non technical friends.

Even now, I don't quite understand why users have to drop down to a CLI interface to do fundamentally simple things which is simply not required on OS X or Windows.

Ubuntu has come along way (I've seen the dvd version and it looks really cool) and has a bit of a fanboy following, which like the Vista fanboy club that has a tendecy of scaring people away. Though for myself the linux-vista fanboy infight is quite amusing, as its not a case of 'who is best', but 'what is the best solution for ME'. No amount of preeching is going to change my mind otherwise.

Comment by Kevin K., on 15-Dec-2007 05:43

Is there a link to the original article?

Author's note by foobar, on 15-Dec-2007 07:00

@informationminister: I think the nice thing about Ubuntu is actually the very friendly user community, which you can find on the Ubuntu forums. This community is one of the most common reasons why many newbies feel comfortable with Ubuntu, and why Ubuntu gets recommended.

I'm sure that fanboys exist, but I have to say, I don't think that they are necessarily the first contact of a Linux newbie to Ubuntu community. It's more likely that their fisrt contact is in the forums, which are known for their friendliness (by and large).

Author's note by foobar, on 15-Dec-2007 07:02

@Kevin K.: Yes, the link to the original article is the first two word of my posting. You should be able to click on 'Interesting article' right at the start and get to the original article. If that doesn't help, here is the URL:

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