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Upgrade from Vista to XP (you read that right)

, posted: 15-Dec-2007 06:52

Here is a great article, which shows all the benefits waiting for you when you finally upgrade from Vista to XP. Smile

So there, some Windows for you. Hopefully, this will go a long way to calm down those who claim that all I ever talk about is GNU/Linux.


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Comment by johnr, on 15-Dec-2007 08:15

Link is not much good!

Author's note by foobar, on 15-Dec-2007 09:20

@johnr: Strange, works for me without problem! If you can't click it for some reason, try the URL directly:

Comment by grant_k, on 15-Dec-2007 10:03

Thanks for posting the link to that story Foobar. I must admit, I was starting to wonder whether you would ever write about anything but Linux or Open Source, so it is refreshing to see this post about Windows.

It's an amusing article, and no doubt more than a little bit biased, but I agree wholeheartedly with the basic premise that Windows Vista is a backwards step.

I know several IT professionals who recommend that people stay well away from Vista and then again I know many passionate GZ'ers such as Mauricio, Brad and Chaks who say the opposite.

No doubt they all have valid reasons for their views, but I intend to stay with Windows XP for as long as possible, at least until M$ eventually withdraws Automatic Update support. At that point, it will be too much trouble to maintain, but this should still give me several more years use out of XP.

In the event that M$ finally tries to force me to upgrade to Vista, I will look at my options again. Maybe Vista will finally be worth considering by that stage, or maybe I will jump ship to Ubuntu. There's plenty of time yet, so I'll wait until the dust settles before deciding

Comment by tonyhughes, on 15-Dec-2007 13:59

Enjoy your writing foobar, and that article you linked to is not only funny, but quite true.

I like Vista, but its problems are diabolical.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 15-Dec-2007 14:01

XP is a great OS, Microsoft did do a good job on the standard NextTechnology. (standard WinNT 4) I use NT4 still quite a lot for clients as it's incredibly stable and small.

I am slowly moving over to linux thnaks to Vista being the woof it is as virtuilsation takes over and still allows support for the older classic stuff I use.

As for Vista, it's just a DRM infested copy of MacOS, and such a bltant ripoff at that. as for accelerated destop kernel, I did not see it, It still "tears" and jitters badly even on my box which scored 7.5 vista score so I say it really is a step backwards. also most of the consumer machines vista is loaded on just simply cannot cut the mustard and really are just NOT suitable! a real bad PR move Microsoft,

Comment by macuser, on 15-Dec-2007 17:07

Grant, By writing "M$" you sound like a 12 year old kid.
Its less effort just to write MS...
And you look less like a Fanboy

Comment by cokemaster, on 16-Dec-2007 16:18

Don't worry Macuser, you don't need to write M$ to appear like a 12 year old troll... because we know the truth...

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