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Another DRM infested music store closes - music becomes worthless

, posted: 25-Jul-2008 10:30

Back in April I wrote about Microsoft's music store closing, thus rendering any music purchased from that store worthless. Why? The music is DRM infested, and thus will stop playing after they switch off their servers that are needed for license verification. Now something just like it is happening with the Yahoo Music Store. It is closing later this year and their servers are being shut down. Your music won't play if you every try to move it to a different computer.

As I said before: Our computers need to do with our data what we want them to do, not what somebody else determines. We need to stay away from technology that is designed to take away our freedoms: Definitely anything with DRM and non-free systems such as Skype, the iPhone or Windows Vista (even if it's called Mojave).

Update, July 29: Yahoo has now agreed to do the decent thing and refund their customers in full. That is nice, and hopefully will show more content providers that DRM is a very costly proposition on many different levels.

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Comment by tonyhughes, on 25-Jul-2008 11:41

So why are you blogging on Geekzone? This is all non-open-source, running on Windows??

I am not being a prick, as an open source fan (but probably not as deeply as you) I am genuinely interested in your response.

Author's note by foobar, on 25-Jul-2008 11:53

@tonyhughes: I know that Geekzone runs on Windows software for some inexplicable reason. I guess a lot of services provided over the Internet are not exactly open. Some use other people's closed software, such as Geekzone who uses Microsoft. Others write their own closed software (Google) to run their services, or start with open software and modify it (Google) or just use some unmodified open source software (Google).

The operating systems of various routers and switches are also not open source, but I can hardly avoid them when I want to go online, can I?

I think we need to draw the line when it comes to our own data. I don't use web-mail for my real e-mail, because I would like to know what happens with my data. I don't rely on proprietary software or online services for calendaring, working with my documents, etc. It's my data, I would like to keep control over it.

The data I put on Geekzone is rather public though, and since I publish it, I relinquish control over it anyway. Thus, the fact that Geekzone runs proprietary software (along with the routers transporting my data from my computer to the Geekzone servers) is quite irrelevant.

What peeves me the most is that due to my job I am forced to use Skype, even after the most recent relevations about it. Man, I wish I could avoid using that piece of software.

I guess it can be summarised: Avoid proprietary software whenever you can, use it if you absolutely have to, but be very careful with it. Don't just use it out of convenience.

Comment by P2P Lover, on 27-Jul-2008 02:12

Ever though I NEVER purchased ANY music online and have had no experience with any type of DRMed music I think that DRM music is total bullshit! Why would someone go off and "buy" a song that you can only use on a computer and only when you connected to the internet(correct me if I'm wrong)??? Lets say you're paying like $2.00 for 1 song, a full CD that has 12 tracks cost you around $18. Thats $1.50 a song, no DRM BS which means if you want to make a copy or rip it and put it on your MP3 player or on a MP3 CD or stream it to your XBox 360 from your PC you can! Where do these online music "stores" get off charging you more to "buy" (I almost want to say rent but you have more access to the things you rent!) ONE song/track that you can't do JACK with! And the music industry is wondering why people are "breaking the law" and downloading "illegal" pirated music! WAKE UP RIAA & the music industry! Time to take a LONG hard look at your ancient business model and adept to the times and give up the DRM if you EVER want people to pay for something that currently they can get for free without the restrictions and that actually allows them to use it how THEY WANT TO unlike your "legal" product!!! FOOLS!

Comment by freitasm, on 29-Jul-2008 09:16

At least Yahoo! is going to refund users...

Author's note by foobar, on 29-Jul-2008 09:28

@freitasm: Yes, I saw that this morning. I will write an update into the article.

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