As some of you know, I (Luigi Cappel) left GeoSmart in July after 8 years and a month or so later teamed up with Roy Davies and Jon Lowther who had been developing a location based platform for the previous 2 years.

We are currently based at AUT in Auckland and are working on a couple of projects I can't tell you about yet. One of them is in the FMCG market where we are creating an Augmented Reality mobile game for a food manufacturer that can only be played in certain locations.

The guys have developed a location based operating system with API's that allow us to do all sorts of very exciting things around locations based around geospatial coordinates. We are still looking at how best to describe ourselves because the opportunities are so vast. We are working in areas from travel and tourism, education, history and culture, to the Internet of Things and sustainability. 

We are working on ways to describe what we do in a non geek way and we believe that we are fundamentally using this technology as a marketing services company. For example the AR game we are developing is designed to help the manufacturer maintain and grow market share, add more fun to the brand, increase engagement with their customers, including providing them with useful information, as well as gamification.

A couple of concepts we are working on include creating an environment across several mobile platforms utilising the camera inertia sensors and GPS amongst other things, but trying to stay as simple and un-app as possible.

We want to help create mobile environments that provide a different experience for each user based on their location, profile, context and usage. We have many unique features in our environment that make it very different to other environments in the market place.

We are seeking partners and collaborators, agencies, brand managers, developers and fellow geeks. We are currently employing a small number of developers on a part time basis and hope to be able to offer them and others as we grow the opportunity to become shareholders in the business as well, so that they are actually working towards something bigger and better than just a job. 

We are also keen to try to beat the odds and stay rooted in New Zealand which is a very big ask, because our focus is export. We know that the market for our technology is not New Zealand, although we will be doing plenty of proof of concept work here.

Our company is called Imersia and whilst we don't have a website yet, we do have a footprint in the social media space. You can find us at our blog, Facebook, Twitter and and now of course here.

We are very excited about 2013 and look forward to collaborating with other like-minded companies and people.