LENKENG LKV372PRO HDMI & IR Extender Kit over single Cat6, with loop out for primary/local display.


Brand new condition, only purchased last week from PBtech, but it doesn't suit what I was wanting (didn't allow primary Panasonic TV to viera connect back to Panasonic freeview recorder, apart from that, it worked fine sending signal to secondary TV).


Will also include 2 brand new Dynamix HDMI cables, 30cm and 50cm, that I was going to use with this (at each end of the extender).


Extender specs can be found here: https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/KVMLNK1028/LENKENG-LKV372PRO-HDMI--IR-Extender-Kit-over-Singl
HDMI cables:


Total cost of the 3 items: $140.92 (excluding the delivery I paid to get items to me).
Trademe sellers are trying to get $150+ just for extender.


I'll sell for $125 incl delivery.
If I get no interest, I'll put on Trademe.