I decided I wanted to do away with my Orcon Genius phone as it was having regular issues and instead use my Samsung Galaxy SIII to make and receive both land-line and mobile phone calls when I am at home. (My android phone has built-in SIP support)

Seeing as Orcon don’t like letting their end users know their SIP password, I had to retrieve it by other means and I decided to pass my technique onto you guys encase you are wanting to use a third party Router, VOIP phone, Smart Phone,  or one of the many open source VOIP software solutions that are available. As an alternative solution

Step one.

Log into your Orcon Genius router and navigate to the ‘Handy Tools’ page and at the bottom of the page select ‘Backup’ and save the file to your PC

Step Two.

Locate the backup file that you have saved to your PC and open it using Notepad

Step Three.

Do a search within Notebook (ctrl + f) for: <AuthPassword>

Step Four.

Copy the code that appears between: <AuthPassword>  </AuthPassword> (this is your encrypted password)

Copy the code that appears between <AuthUserName>  </AuthUserName>  (this should be your phone number minus the first digit)

Copy the address that appears between: <sip_server>  </sip_server> (This is your SIP server)

Step Five.

We now have to decrypt your password as it is currently encrypted with  Base 64. To do this go to one of the many online Base 64 decoding sites or you can use this one.

Paste your encrypted password into the box and hit ‘Decode’

Take note of the outputted code as this is your password (do not copy the symbol that appears at the end of the code)

You now have your:
  • SIP server address
  • SIP Username (phone number minus first digit)
  • SIP Password