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Topic # 141269 6-Mar-2014 18:30 Send private message


I just got VDSL set up yesterday/today. Heres a screen shot of the connecting specs:

Ive done a speedtest and the results are pretty much the same as the upstream/downstream speeds in the image.
But when i try various download methods e.g torrents, file sharing downloads (and ive tried many) as well as downloading
using Internet Download Manager my actual Download speed ALWAYS peaks at about 1.0/1.2 Mbps. Actual upload speed
peaks always at about 500/600Kbps. That cant be right. My previous Orcon ADSL actual download and upload speeds were
1.0Mbps down/ 100Kbps up. So at the end of it all ive only had an upload speed increase of 400Kbps overall =/ .

Im not sure whats going on. Could i get help from an Orcon person please ^^.

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  Reply # 1000306 6-Mar-2014 18:30 Send private message

Hello... Our robot found some keywords in your post, so here is an automated reply with some important things to note regarding broadband speeds.

If you are posting regarding DSL speeds please check that

- you have reset your modem and router
- your PC (or other PCs in your LAN) is not downloading large files when you are testing - you are not being throttled by your ISP due to going over the monthly cap
- your tests are always done on an ethernet connection to the router - do not use wireless for testing
- you read this topic and follow the instructions there.

Make sure you provide information for other users to help you. If you have not already done it, please EDIT your post and add this now:

- Your ISP and plan
- Type of connection (ADSL, ADSL2, VDSL)
- Your modem DSL stats (do not worry about posting Speedtest, we need sync rate, attenuation and noise margin)
- Your general location (or street)
- If you are rural or urban
- If you know your connection is to an exchange, cabinet or conklin
- If your connection is to a ULL or wholesale service
- If you have done an isolation test as per the link above

Most of the problems with speed are likely to be related to internal wiring issues. Read this discussion to find out more about this. Your ISP is not intentionally slowing you down today (unless you are on a managed plan). Also if this is the school holidays it's likely you will notice slower than usual speed due to more users online.

A master splitter is required for VDSL2 and in most cases will improve speeds on DSL connections. Regular disconnections can be a monitored alarm or a set top box trying to connect. If there's an alarm connected to your line even if you don't have an alarm contract it may still try to connect so it's worth checking.

I recommend you read these two blog posts:

- Is your premises phone wiring impacting your broadband performance? (very technical)
- Are you receiving a substandard ULL ADSL2+ connection from your ISP?

I am the Geekzone Robot and I am here to help. I am from the Internet. I do not interact. Do not expect other replies from me.

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  Reply # 1000318 6-Mar-2014 18:38 One person supports this post Send private message

I can't read that image - it's too small, but if you only got 1 Mb/s download on ADSL you are way to far away for VDSL to ever work. Don't even bother trying!

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  Reply # 1000319 6-Mar-2014 18:42 Send private message

Yea i done another image...hope thats easier to see.

I live in Porirua - Wellington.

On Adsl i was getting 25 ping on the Orcon Quakelive servers in Auckland. Now Im getting about 40 ping On the same servers.
That alone tells me somethings off. Im  sure ill get it sorted eventually ^^

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  Reply # 1000323 6-Mar-2014 18:47 One person supports this post Send private message

looks like your still on an ADSL2+ profile

if you click on the Device Info and then click statistics then on xDSL and see what your line attenuation is and post it up here that would more helpful than your previous screen shot

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  Reply # 1000324 6-Mar-2014 18:47 One person supports this post Send private message

See PeterReader's post, and post the full line stats if you can.

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  Reply # 1000326 6-Mar-2014 18:54 One person supports this post Send private message

line attenuation? looks like your over the line of where you should even had vdsl...

unlike adsl, vdsl interleaving values are built into the DLM profiles, and so if your line is seen to be unstable, the DSLAM will change your profile, thus your increaes in latency.

you appear to be confusing your kbits and KB/s and such measurements too. 

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  Reply # 1000335 6-Mar-2014 19:14 Send private message

Thanks. Sorry if i get terms messed up. I dont know much at all...only the bare basics.
Heres an image of the xDSL page. Is this what you need to see?
I have no idea what it all means hehe. But i know this info is alot better in your guys hands ;)

Thanks for the fast repsonses guys regardless of the outcome.

Really appreciate it ^^

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  Reply # 1000338 6-Mar-2014 19:19 One person supports this post Send private message

ok, so your on DLM-3 if im reading this correctly.

for low latency, you want to be on a DLM-1 profile, to get there, essentially you want to simply leave you modem connected all the time, dont reboot it. and let DLM move its way down.

at 25.8db attenuation, your not going to have a great vdsl experience, and probably past the point when you should have been let onto vdsl (assuming wiring is up to scratch, and not causing a higher than expected attenuation and so on..)

your synced at 15.9/4.7 i would expect you would see about 13/4 in real world throughput.

for a DLM-3 sync, your errors arent exactly the most optional iver, which may be what contributed to you loosing DLM-1 in the first place (normally you start on DLM-1)

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  Reply # 1000339 6-Mar-2014 19:21 2 people support this post Send private message

Was a new outlet and splitter installed for the modem?

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  Reply # 1000343 6-Mar-2014 19:37 Send private message

Yea i think so . All i know is the guy stuck a new white connector box on the wall to plug the modem into. There are a couple of other things i will share that might bring some light to the floor or not. Im not sure. So one thing. As soon as the guy finished installing the new splitter/jackpoint onto the wall. He turned on the modem to see if it would connect i guess. At this point in time he had plugged in the cord that came with the Vdsl package. Its a white cord with a wide end" at one end and a "narrow end" at the other. So wide end into the splitter and narrow end into the modem (correct socket of course , i may not know much but im not that silly). And there was no connection. "DSL" light kept blinking on and off and no "internet" light working. At this time i was thinking to myself "Its probably not going to work until Orcon sends the txt or email that its been connected at their end anyway". Anyway then the guy was a little troubled when he saw it wasnt working. Then he took that wide/narrow ends cord out and put in the Old cord from the Adsl modem , which has 2 narrow ends. He put both ends , one in the splitter and the other to the modem. And it worked~! So i thought to myself, "great it must already be connected" . So he took off and i started having a play with the speeds. First i tested the upload rate and saw that it was 500kb upload ....more than my previous 100kb. But the download speed was still the same =/ . I tried many things to download and it was capped at 1Mb still , maybe 200kbs more than usual though. This was all yesterday. Then today i got the confirmation email from Orcon that the account was connected. I thought " Yay now that its connected maybe the "proper" wide end , narrow end cord will work and itll go faster" I figured that the reason it was capping was beause i was still using the old narrow/narrow ended cord and had to wait till connection was complete and hope the wide/narrow cord worked then. So anyway , got the confirmation, turned off the modem. Put in the wide / narrow cord...waited for about 10 mins for it to connect . And it still wouldnt. Just DSL flashing and INTERNET light off. So then i put the "old" narrow/narrow cord back in and it worked. But still capped at 1Mb down and 500kb up. So here i am...trying to figure out what went wrong. Higher Quake pings even. I know somethings not set right.

I know the instructions said not to turn the modem on until i recieved the confirmation email from orcon. But when the installer guy made it work eventually i presumed he had contacted Orcon or something in order to make it work, and thought nothing of it after that until it became evident to me that something wasnt right. =/

Thats pretty much the whole story. Maybe ive stuffed something up by using it before the confirmation email =/

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  Reply # 1000354 6-Mar-2014 20:01 2 people support this post Send private message

It sounds as though a proper instal has been done, which is good, however the attenuation and sync rates suggest you are right at the limit of what VDSL will do.

As for your download speed - are you testing via WiFi or a wired connection? Your download speed doesn't match with the downstream sync rate - this may be if you are testing via WiFi, or it may be that Orcon still need to switch a profile at their end.

As for the connection latency (ping), VDSL connections fine tune themselves over time, particularly the first 10 days - this is called DLM - it's pretty important to leave the modem plugged and and turned on during this process so it can fine tune.

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  Reply # 1000357 6-Mar-2014 20:06 Send private message

Yea ok i will leave it turned on to see how it goes. I never turn it off anyways :) .
This is for wired connection. I dont have any wireless computers. Just the mobile phone, which connects and works alright.

Should i be emailing orcon to have them check the profile settings if thats the case? Dont know anything about it but
even i can get the general "gist" of what your saying and seems to be pointing in that direction to me also =/

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  Reply # 1000381 6-Mar-2014 20:14 One person supports this post Send private message

The bad news: the prognosis for a decent VDSL connection is poor, for the reasons already stated.
The good news: if after the 10-day DLM "training" period you still have speeds worse than 15/5, Orcon will let you roll back to ADSL without penalty.
(This happened to me 2 months ago - Orcon ADSL > VDSL > ADSL - same stats as yours)


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  Reply # 1000386 6-Mar-2014 20:26 One person supports this post Send private message

I'd flick the help desk an email to confirm the vdsl instal has been complete from their end. Alternatively one of the orcon reps may see this thread and have a look for you.

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  Reply # 1000391 6-Mar-2014 20:33 Send private message

Yea thanks for that. Ill give it another day before i send them an email. Ive already sent about 5 messages to Orcon Support yesterday trying to explain the situation and things that had happened. No reply yet though. See if those messages get processed by tomorrow then ill flick them another. Hoping a rep will see the post as well.

Thanks ^^

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