Dell Home Inspiron Mini 9

, posted: 4-Sep-2008 13:48

The new Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 9 gives you the
convenience of going anywhere with a companion that
doesn't get in your way. Designed with clean lines and a
refined shape, the Mini 9 will induce jealousy.



Easy to carry, starting at just 2.28 lbs* with an 8.9" screen.

Available in two classic colors: black and white.

Complete with its own full set of optional accessories
"Designed for Dell."


Trek far and wide with your new companion with its long-lasting battery and new Intel® Atom™ processors.
Your world is just a click away with advanced connectivity options, including internal WiFi*.


Large keys make it easy for surfing or blogging.

Look for Ubuntu MID Edition 8.04 (Linux) when customizing your Mini 9 or upgrade to Genuine Windows® XP.

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