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Coffee in Perth

, posted: 2-Mar-2007 12:28

Perth is a nice place to live. Even in the depths of winter, it has lovely sunny, 20 degree days ;-)

Still, I like my coffee, so here's a few places that rate in my opinion.
My test is a "Long Black".  I tend to look for a decent crema on top that doesn't last to long, as well as aroma and overall taste.  Of course, all this is subjective as it's based on what I think is a "decent coffee".  I don't believe in adding sugar to coffee as the few times I have, the taste altered so much that it did not resemble the original product.

Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar
Shop 4, 329 Murray St, Perth 6000
Located near the city centre with its entrance opposite the Star Surf shop, Tiger Tiger offers Fiore coffee, which is locally roasted.
This is also the location for recurring Tuesday, 1:30pm .Net User Group Caffeine Hit, all welcome

Tiger Tiger

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Comment by juha, on 2-Mar-2007 19:44

A$3.40 for a ristretto! Are you all millionaires over there?

Author's note by hadders, on 11-Mar-2007 19:13

Average wage is higher, but I wish!  Yeah, 3.40 seems like a lot for a very small amount of coffee, but it's very very nice, concentrated coffee.

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