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Windows shortcut keys

, posted: 31-May-2007 17:43

I'm a big fan of shortcut key combinations, they save you time and make it appear as though you look like you know what you're doing ;-) Anyway, here's a few of my favourites

Windows Key (W) Shortcuts
W = Start Menu, use arrow keys and enter to navigate, Esc to close
Ctrl + Esc = W
W + [1 - 0] = Open corresponding number in quick launch icons, if first icon is IE, then IE opens
W + D = Show Desktop
W + E = Windows Explorer
W + F = Find something (File/Folder), use W + Ctrl + F to search for a Computer
W + L = Lock computer
W + M = Minimise all, usually brings up desktop, W + Shift + M, restore minimised
W + R = Open Run dialogue, usually followed my 'cmd' for me or \\< ip-address >\< share-name >\
W + T = Cycle through open applications on Taskbar, press Enter to select
W + U = Open XP (Windows Narrator), Vista (Ease of Access Center)
W + Pause = Show computer properties XP (System Properties > General), Vista (Control Panel > System)
Also, for HP notebooks, you will have to use the Fn (Function) key too when using these shortcuts (thanks to Terry for that tip).

Vista stuff
W + Tab = Cycle through apps using Flip 3D interface, Tab again for next, release to select
W + Ctrl + Tab = Start cycle using Flip 3D, use left/right arrow for previous/next and Enter to select
W + Space = Show Sidebar
W + G = Focus on sidebar, press G again to cycle through Gadgets

Generally handy stuff
F2 = Rename
F5 = Refresh view (handy in web browser), Ctrl + F5 to force request to server again (IE)
F6 = Cycle to next UI element in Windows Explorer
F11 = Toggle Full screen modes, application support required, IE/Windows Media Player
Ctrl + Shift + Esc = Start Task Manager
Backspace = Navigate back a folder level in Windows Explorer
Del, Ctrl + D = Delete (usually moves to the Recycle Bin)
Shift + Del = Delete, DO NOT move to Recycle Bin

There are plenty more, but I tend not to bother with those ones....

Official Vista Keyboard Shortcuts Help

'karthik' also sent through the info which is based on this support article, Keyboard shortcuts for Windows

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