Robofest - Christchurch 29 June

, posted: 14-Jun-2014 10:46

Robofest is a robot competition for Christchurch school children in years 5 to 8.

It is a one day competition held at Russley School.

As a more casual competition than First Lego League (which can be pretty full on!) it is a great opportunity for kids new to robotics to come along and get involved.

Teams are 2 to 4 members and all you need is an NXT robot. A standard robot build will do the trick:

Team Antimatter will be there with their World Festival robot and will be giving demos of the 2013 FLL Natures Fury challenge. We may even have some Twirly Whirlys to give away. Team Antimatter are up for the Sumo challenge.

So! Grab a robot and some keen kids and we will see you there.

More info can be found here:



More information

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