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TradeMe still in the 90's

, posted: 24-Jan-2008 21:28

Yeah, a little boy waits. I guess I was hoping for a more modern TradeMe by now, but it's not happening.

The forums are a jungle, threads expire, information lost for ever, people double post, there is searching within the forum to see if there is a thread of interest to you.  And yeat, tv news still quotes the boards as a space for community interest.  Maybe that's a Fairfax thing, meh, that buch, thay have not left the 1950's

So I nag but nothings looks like it's been done. Need some #8 wire and some social creativity.


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Comment by paradoxsm, on 24-Jan-2008 22:17

The site in its entirety is no better, Images not loading, Site outages and similar issues plague the site all too often.

I have long moaned about the lack of prersonalising an Auction or entering extra details..
Being limited to just 2000 Chars and tiny images is very 1990's, No, actually you used to be able to host your own large detailed images back in the 1990's and write much more accurate auction descriptions.
And of course, No API.

Now I don;t moan, I just generally avoid Trademe.

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