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What programming languages to learn for the web.

, posted: 8-Nov-2009 18:42

I've been thinking about What programming languages to learn for the web.

I think two of the key languages over then next few years will be Java and Python.

I say that because the way google is hosting these for nothing.

Nothing really,  just saying....

(Updated: after some comments, maybe I should have made a Forums post or a Wave)

I have looked at PHP, I like PHP but there is no PHP cloud computer to host my scripts.
Yahoo, could have built a php cloud if it was not so poor it had to make deals with the ms.

Ruby is cool too but again no Cloud hosting.

Java and Python have cloud hosting and it's free.

If I was a startup and writing a web app of some kind, fast free hosting wins over improved server architecture.

Maybe I should make a forum thread.


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Comment by vectran, on 8-Nov-2009 21:37

What about Ruby?

Comment by Bill, on 9-Nov-2009 16:26


Comment by James Sleeman, on 9-Nov-2009 16:33

Save for miracles, neither Java nor Python are going to be any more than bit players in the web.

ASP.Net (C#/VB)

That's it.

Comment by Darren, on 11-Nov-2009 13:13

Java seems like a sound choice as does JavaScript and Ruby. Scala's LIFT framework also one to watch.

>neither Java nor Python are going to be any more than bit players in the web.

lol.. that's right because google is just a bit player or have you forgotten then Gmail, Documents and Wave are all written in java (both client and server) using GWT?

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