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Two free Applications that make Windows easier.

, posted: 6-Feb-2011 02:01

These are two applications that I have been using for awhile and find they make my windows system better.
Direct Folders is a navigation tool,  it makes it easy to find folders and files on your computer.
A quick double click pops up a menu of your favourite folder locations for direct access.  There are also other features in Direct Folders like automatic resizing of the standard file dialog and the ability to have the file dialog jump to the location of an open folder.
ClipX is a clipboard tool that manages your clipboards history,  it's so useful to have a clipboard that contains more that the last thing entered.  I have found it useful to be able to go back through the last few hundred clipboard entries to find a links I copied days earlier to share with friends.
These tools have save me time and energy and I hope you find them useful too.

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