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Cyborg Dog gets Bionic Paw. hopes raised for People.

, posted: 23-Jul-2007 08:17

This is great news for Humans who have lost limbs, but its also great news for dogs.

however most importantly it is great news for people such as myself (and I believe stephen hawking) who are huge supporters of beginning the scientific improvement of our bodies through bionic augmentation.

now don't get me wrong, I am not keen to get much replaced myself at this stage, however I'd be more than happy to get my little fingers lopped off and replaced with a bionic set, especially if one contained some high quality upgradable flash memory and the other had a removable screw driver :)

back onto the real point of the article,

The dogs name is Storm, the owners (who obviously love their dog very much) noticed a lump on their poor pooches foot one day, the vet took a look, all of a sudden they got told the dog had cancer and had less than 3 months to live.

Rather than put the dog down, they opted for an amputation and a prosthetic.

What is critically exciting about this?

the Vet (N L Fitzpatrick) replaced the limb with a titanium-alloy implant attached to the main bone, this allowed the skin to grow into the metal , making it more like a real limb, apparently one of the first cases where the skin has successfully grown over the metal.

this is great news and the pioneering of implants could lead to huge advancements for people in the future.

more information:

Dogs prosthetic paw raises hope for


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