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Colossal Squid on the Move at Te Papa (its all happening right now!)

, posted: 6-Aug-2008 10:40

(with links to live video stream)- Updated - added linux compatible links...

At present the team at Te - Papa are moving the colossal squid,  Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, from its
preservation tank to its purpose built display tank,

they have a live video feeds of the progress here:

This video is available in several qualities:
> Dial-up with a slow modem and cell phone connections (28 kbps)
> Dial-up internet (56 kbps)
> Slow broadband (128 kbps)
> Average broadband (384 kbps)
> High speed broadband (2 Mbps)

More information over at the Te Papa Squid Blog.

As this particular format is typically not that friendly to those of us not using windows,

the Linux (and other non-windows OS) direct stream connections are

384kbps here: mms://

and the

2megabit stream here: mms://

if you are not sure to do it, and you are running something like Ubuntu, the easiest way is to bring up a console and type in / paste the following command:

mplayer mms://

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