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the cheapest VoIP provider in the world!?

By  , in , posted: 26-May-2007 15:41

Perhaps on of the cheapest VoIP providers in the world is Betamax. They run more than a dozen brands offering VoIP service, which vary in tariffs, amount of "freedays" and some features:

Except from they are all run by SIP-protocol and so can be used with the Fritz!Box Fon. Anyway you'll need to install their VoIP Windows softphone to register an account, since you can't register through their website.

All those Betamax brands offer absolutely free calls to NZ landlines and many other countries. The only condition is, that you'll charge a credit of € 10 on your account. 

By recharging you may call certain countires, so-called "free locations", for a number of so-called "freedays" for free. Freedays vary between 30-120 days, which are added with every recharging. If you don't recharge and run out of Freedays, "normal rates" will apply, which amount to EUR 0.01/min - still a very cheap price.

There's also another limitation: You should not exceed 300 minutes of Freecalls within 7 days. Otherwise you'll also be charged at "normal rates" for the exceeding minutes.

So the charged credit of € 10 will be consumed for calls after freedays or after 300 min/7 days or always when calling e.g. mobile phones or countries not belonging to the Free Locations.

If you want to have your regular landline or mobile phone number to be shown as caller ID when placing outgoing calls through Betamax you can verify your existing number now.
Also you can send SMS from only € 0.05 worldwide.

As offers the most free destinations and grants 120 freedays per recharging, I think it's the best choice for most people.

For a tarif comparsion of all those Betamax brands have a look at

Voice quality with Betamax is usually good, however I have to mention that due to NZ's insufficient oversea connections (see this article), delays (calls to NZ are delayed more than calls to Europe or US) and in peak hours even disconnections may occur sometimes, but that will improve hopefully.

Betamax tariffs are admittedly a bit complicated at the first sight, but I can really reommend to give them a try.

Comment by numfarr, on 27-May-2007 04:26

 Last time I tried calling from NZ to an NZ landline using the delay was horrendous, at least 2 seconds. YMMV. It is usually OK for NZ to overseas though.

Author's note by inquisitor, on 27-May-2007 06:51

You're right, connection quality is inferior sometimes. I incorporated this issue in the last chapter in my post above and also wrote some lines about NZ Internet performance in another article.

Comment by Al Krauza, on 27-May-2007 12:59


AdCalls, Inc. is offering totally FREE PC2Phone Voip from the US and Canada to over 10 countries.. soon to be world-wide...

Also, our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan can call home FREE from any online PC or Laptop to any cell phone, home phone and business phone.

Author's note by inquisitor, on 27-May-2007 13:11

AdCalls is nice, but I don't want to boot my computer and mess around with a headset for each phone call. I'm only interested in SIP-based VoIP-providers, that I can use with my Fritz!Box Fon, thus independently from a computer and by a regular telephone.

Comment by jessie, on 28-May-2007 02:13

I joined italkbb 10 months ago. It's clear. It doesn't depend on any computer. It's phone to phone void service.

$24.99 a month. Call China, USA, Canada, England... 28 country for free.

I have promote code 737110 to get $10 credit for enroll.

Here is the link: for enroll and more infromation.

Author's note by inquisitor, on 28-May-2007 03:30

The monthly costs for italkbb correspond to recharging twice, which would bring 8 months of free calling plus € 20 of credit left for calls to non-free destinations. Italkbb is way more expensive than, even if you extensively exceed the 300m/7d-rule.

Comment by Theodore Mascarenhas, on 19-Feb-2008 23:11

I am very disgusted with Betamax. They have blocked four of my accounts on four of their services and I have lost more than 35 euros. I can understand that they could eb having problems but the customer service is so bad that they do not even acknowledge, forget answering your email

Comment by billgates, on 1-Jul-2008 19:15

I signed up with (Betamax) ~ 1 month ago. I made a free call from Hamilton - Hamilton and quality was bad. I still paid them $10 for the 3 months free calling and tried again with my paid account login and the quality was crystal clear. If you pay them, you get moved to a better bandwith pool with much better call quality settings. Never been so happy with using VOIP. Saved a SIP config on my N95 and now I use the wireless in my house and use freecall to talk to freinds and family using my N95 anywhere in the house. Now that's mobile!

Going to buy a Linksys SPA3102 and save freecall and 2talk SIP settings into the box and family can use the cordless phone with dialling rules that I will set to switch between VOIP providers and talk to people for super cheap prices.

Comment by adventi, on 1-Dec-2008 09:54

Be aware of significant change at fine print of new betamax brands:

"... reserves the right after a certain amount of calls to start charging the default rate. ..."

Comment by naveed, on 20-Jan-2009 22:08

In freecall voip, the recharge options are not good. there is no credit card option available in the buy more credit.

Author's note by inquisitor, on 10-Feb-2009 13:45

The payment options of the Betamax services depend on your location. That's why for some countries credit cards are not accepted. Also note, that PayPal accounts can be used only for a single Betamax account due to some "security reasons". After you've used your PayPal account to recharge an account at some Betamax brand, you can't use PayPal for any other Betamax account, even if it's another brand.

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