2degrees iPhone Settings

, posted: 26-Oct-2009 23:35

Any iPhone will work just fine on 2degrees GSM network, you'll get decent EDGE speeds and great battery life in main centres but fall back onto Vodafone's slow GPRS network everywhere else. Data currently costs 50cents/MB making 2degrees unsuitable for mobile internet and it's recommended you call Customer Care on 0800 022 022 and disable mobile data and only use your 2degrees SIM card for cheap calling and texting. You can still use WiFi when available. Mobile Data - 2degrees iPhone APN Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network APN: internet PXT - 2degrees iPhone MMS Settings Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network APN: mms MMSC: http://mms.2degreesmobile.net.nz:48090 MMS Proxy: MMS Max Message Size: 614400 Turn your phone off, then back on to apply the new settings. Here's how it should look: 2degrees iPhone internet 2degrees iPhone PXT

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Comment by Chris, on 21-Jan-2010 15:23

Very useful. Thanks!

Comment by rossmnz, on 9-Aug-2010 19:26

my 2G iphone wont hold "internet" and "mms" as APNs.

I could get mms to work on vodafone but not on 2Degrees sadly!

Anyone help?

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