82% of Kiwi's don't use iOS to order online....Fact

, posted: 14-Oct-2012 21:15

Smartorder has been live for over a year now and during this time we have distilled our product to fit Kiwi’s needs. Born and breed in NZ all out statistics are based on real New Zealand buying habits. Recently we gatherd all our user stats and were quite suprised at the results!

It’s quite clear that Smartphones are going to be the future of our surfing habits but right now they make up a small proportion of people who actually order online. The chart below gives us a breakdown of user agents (what you use to order). These results are from our customers in New Zealand placing orders since we started.

The Windows component above is for PC versions of the browser not Windows mobile. Clearly desktop ordering is still the norm for kiwis and iOS is being out run by Android. To think we started out thinking we wouldn't need a desktop version!

Unbiased HTC review

, posted: 25-May-2012 14:41

10 Years ago I purchased a Pocket PC. It was a Toshiba e570. Chuffed with my purchase I returned home to play with my new piece of kit only to find after about an hour, it really didn't do anything.

Leap forward 10 years and I am once again presented with another handheld device, The HTC touch2 here is a photo of it. 

When you look at this photo you immediately think, this is a swish looking piece of kit. Don't be fooled. This androidesk interface merely disguises the woeful OS I found 10 years ago. Personally I have turned off what ever this is called as it hinders more than helps. I have spent 18 months with this gem. Here is what I have found.

Making calls
This phone is great at pocket dialling. What is also great is if you dial a number by accident it won't stop calling the displayed number. If you choose a number from you phone book and hit dial it dials the number you called previously, not the number you selected 

Answering calls
This phone is excellent at answering calls when you don't want it to. Not only that it does a great job at dropping calls when ever you touch it. 

Ending calls
In some cases I have hit the end call 15-16 times and it still holds the call, great fun. 

This is quite awesome. Say some one calls you and you want to txt them back, you can't unless you add them to your address book! There is a button to send a txt to the displayed number but it does absolutely nothing. 

Well it goes without saying the browser is going to be terrible. But an added feature is the browser will actually hang and brick the phone until you pull the battery out. 

The buttons are pretty good, I have thumped the end call button literally dozens of times in a row to end a call and they show no sign of wear. The volume buttons are positioned perfectly to mute the volume every time you put it in your pocket.

This is actually pretty good it will go for a day and half if you make no phone calls.

The phone comes with a USB cable. Don't loose it as for some strange reason they have put a proprietary plug on the phone so you are screwed if you loose it. The headphones are also proprietary so if you damage or loose them, again your not in a good situation. 

Unless someone has given you this phone and they pay for every aspect of it, I would avoid it at all costs.  

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