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Modem/Router Settings and ISP Server Info

By KingOE X, in , posted: 24-Feb-2008 16:26

To setup your broadband connection you should refer to the modems instruction booklet. This will contain all the necessary information with regard to setting up your modem and broadband account. This may differ if your modem is not offered by the ISP in most cases.

If you did not receive a modem from your ISP, please contact your modems supplier for advanced setup.

The only ISP specific information you should require is the following:

Password: this is the password you selected when setting up your ADSL/Broadband account

Primary DNS Server: May be below or consult with ISP
Secondary DNS Server: May be below or consult with ISP

You can try using Open DNS -,

The generic ADSL settings for New Zealand are as follows:

VPI should be 0
VCI should be 100

The Protocol needs to be PPPoA (PPP over ATM RFC 2364) with VC multiplexed encapsulation (VC-MUX)
Modulation or Operating mode can be: G.992.1 G.DMT or ANSI T1.413 iss 2, but not G.Lite or G.992.2

Your IP address should be dynamically determined unless your using a static IP which you would know what to do with anyway.

Note some ISP's will only support to a limited extent and only a certain amount of modems and routers.

Telecom use Thomson's and older D-Link's possibly still supported, Slingshot are Dynalink's, Vodafone is Huawei, there 3G sticks, ex-offered telecom D-links, Orcon may also help with Thomson's but this could differ. Woosh are very limited to Netgear if wireless or a basic Netcomm NB series if ADSL.
Most of ISP's will support the model if supported, offered by them only

Here's some more information that may help.

Vodafone/iHug NZ
Username or
Password: matches the above address
Dial Up Number: 0873 007 77
Incoming Mail: or, Port 110
Incoming Mail:, Port 143
Outgoing Mail: or, Port 25
Time Server: or


old iHug DNS Server

Username for ADSL:
Dial Up Number: 087303030
POP: (Use SSL, port 995)
SMTP: (Use SSL, port 465, use authentication)
E-Mail authentication; Account/Login Name: username not email address

Primary DNS: or
Secondary or
News Server:
Incoming Mail Server:
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:
Dial Up:, Number: 0867 99 209

Incoming Mail: or port 110
Outgoing Mail: or port 25
- No SSL/No TLS used.

Primary Name Server/DNS :
Secondary Name Server/DNS :

Dial Up Number: 0873 08880
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:
Incoming mail server (POP3):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
IMAP mail:

Incoming Mail:
Outgoing Mail:
Time Server:

Note - IMAP synchronizes with the email server whereas POP downloads the copy off the server to your local computer

(This features in Google NZ Search 3rd ranked for 'modem settings' as search criteria)

Comment by mushion22, on 24-Feb-2008 18:47

You should probably clarify that this info only pertains to ADSL connections. For Cable connections in Wellington, Kapiti and Christchuch, you will need the IP details that TelstraClear should have supplied you with or you can find out from their helpdesk.

Comment by KingOE, on 25-Feb-2008 10:07

Thanks mushion22 but I think if you look at 1) Most people would know if there on cable and 2)...

" Password: this is the password you selected when setting up your ADSL/Broadband account

Primary DNS Server: Consult with ISP
Secondary DNS Server: Consult with ISP

The generic ADSL settings for New Zealand are as follows":

Comment by chris, on 1-Mar-2008 06:44

Hay, is it possible to setup a router for the first time (new account) through a different ISP?

For example I am setting up a friends router and

there ISP is slingshot, can I set up the router

through my ISP XTRA or IHUG?


Author's note by kingoe, on 1-Mar-2008 08:16

You can setup the router pretty much as long as its an ADSL Router if your wanting ADSL etc. Use the right equipment pretty much.

Secondly, You can only have one ADSL service per telephone line/number coming into the house and working at once.

But say you wanted the basic settings for Slingshot, Ihug, Xtra just change the username and password in the router to be like below.

also you will need to update your DNS (Local Area Connection if Windows, Built In Ethernet if Mac) servers.

Primary DNS Server:

Prim. DNS:
Second. DNS:

Prim. DNS:
Second DNS:

Comment by Alpha, on 10-Mar-2008 23:05

Hey thanks for this! I'm considering signing up on the 'Naked DSL' plan on Slingshot. I was worried about not knowing how to configure the modem and didn't feel like paying $50 for someone to come over and do it for me.

This will help HEAPS in the future! I'll be returning here once I've got everything up and running. :D

Author's note by kingoe, on 14-Mar-2008 08:52

Thanks Alpha. I hope you know that Naked DSL or as some know it as ULL (local loop of cabling) more so overseas, is that it will provision your phone line inactive for voice signals, so telephone and fax will not work as well as SkyTV will work but no booking via the telephone line. Only DSL will function, but then again most ISP's are offering VoIP for calling. Lastly monitored alarms with phone line connections may not work 100%.

Comment by Gerard, on 3-Jul-2008 20:22

A small note on iHug usernames - they are in the format - don't forget the 'adsl' bit of they won't work.