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Original story of Section 92a & Creative Freedom Foundation

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Thu Dec 18, 2008.....  
The Creative Freedom Foundation launches today in New Zealand to unite artists who are against the removal of New Zealander's rights through proposed changes in Copyright law, done in the name of protecting creativity.
The Creative Freedom Foundation's first campaign is against a proposed law in New Zealand: Section 92 of the Copyright Amendment Act. S92 assumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' - cutting off internet connections and websites based on accusations of Copyright infringement, without evidence or even a trial.
Foundation Co-Founder and Director, Bronwyn Holloway-Smith says:
The result of this law could be that one rogue employee or even one virus infected computer could bring down a whole organisation's internet and it's highly likely that schools, businesses, hospitals, and phone services will be harmed by this.
On 28 February 2009, S92 will come into effect in New Zealand if there is no positive action on the part of the Government to change it. To date the Government has shown support for the act and, unless there is major public protest against it, it will "roll over" in to law.
Although the Creative Freedom Foundation has just launched, it is already gathering steady support. Artist, Curator, and PHD Candidate Dan Untitled says:
25% of computers are infected with viruses that download and distribute material without the owners knowledge. What if that owner is a school or hospital? Clearly, this situation is ridiculous. Laws like this are outrageous, and as an artist I don't want them done in my name. For me, the decision to support the CFF was clear cut. What they are doing is fantastic - I fully endorse it, and encourage others to as well.
A petition against Guilt Upon Accusation laws in New Zealand has been started by the Foundation. It can be signed on their website:

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