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By KingOE X, in , posted: 23-Sep-2009 13:56

Haven't updated this blog for sometime as doing some other important projects for the last year or so.
Now with time back on my hands I will be updating this.

Alot may have of changed in the world of internet, mainly more telecom cabinets popping up all over Auckland, likely elsewhere too.

The main thing I'm looking at is a complaints from others online of being throttled at 7616kbps or  7646kbps or thereof for there downstream while being with a ISP via Telecom Wholesale on a Cabinet, there max downstream capacity however shows peaked up to 14,000 and 22,000kbps in some cases, but still the line sync throttle of 7-8meg.

For more information this is being discussed on another forum here

A basic but easy to understand image mapping how a customer could connect to the local exchange or cabinet is below.

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