Restoring Windows

, posted: 15-Apr-2008 16:20

In the planned shift from my existing SBS box to a Virtual Machine, I thought I might try a system restore. I've been doing backups for a while, but never tried to restore one. This was an interesting, if unrewarding experience. Installed SBS Premium with Service Pack 2 on the Virtual Machine in a Virtual Network (so that the restored machine would not duplicate the existing machine).

Choose to replace existing files...

Restore Replace

while leaving other options unchanged ...

REstore default

once restore completes, the machine will not start ...


When I return to Directory Services Restore Mode, the installation date must have been reset and I can't log on, i.e. "yes", "no" & "cancel" all return to the logon screen.


My next strategy is to remove all the harddrives except for the O/S on the existing SBS machine and perform a complete back (rather than system state that I have tried so far). Note: cold back of system state is more successful than a warm back, which actually blue-screens and never starts.

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