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My first post here on a blog...

, posted: 19-Dec-2007 10:17

Hi world!

This is my first post in a blog... So here I go!

I really like technology and also chasing up on the latest in the telecommunications industry which is why I am currently working with cokemaster and TheBartender on NZ Connections, being one of the three sysops (the two that I mentioned and myself being the only sysops right now).

I also like pointing out mistakes, glitches and errors. I'll post about my self-discovered iPod touch interface glitches in the near future.

Anything else?
Plenty more actually but this is my first post so hey, maybe you'll find out more about me by looking through this blog!

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My first post here on a blog...

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James Li
New Zealand

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All I can say is that this blog is strange and wonderful.

I have hobbies in computer technology - mainly web and just playing around with computers, and I'm really interested in telecommunications, seeing that it affects so much.

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