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I'm too old for this...

, posted: 6-Dec-2007 21:28

Not really.  Just my second attempt tonight to 'do' my first blog.  I didn't want you to get to my page and see it was empty!  I just had a look at my page minus my wit and humour and I will leave this now to fix up my obvious mistakes.  Hopefully you haven't seen them...  Cheers!

Five minutes later and it's looking better already.  Did you get the Profile?  I'm the one with the Aussie accent, I married a Kiwi living in Aussie, commonly known as Kiwi Ken. 

The oldest child has always been a 'kiwi', next one down was born at middlemore, but we got back to Pukekohe Maternity unit just as fast as we could.  She's been 'left behind'.  (Actually, we had to run away from home, she's still in Australi from our 13 year sojourn...)  Number three was born at Pukekohe, but couldn't talk the local high school peers into believing she was born here.  She left after one term.  Number four is Pukekohe born and bred, was two when we went back to Aus.  He's my geek-boy.  Number five is an Aussie.  Born at Port Maquarie for all you kiwis who like to visit the mid-north coast of NSW. 

Now, to add to the confusion, (yours, not mine,) Number one is actually my husband's child, so I can re-number them all.  Number two can be number one etc.

How did we get ANZACs?  Kiwi Ken did the sensible thing - got an aussie passport.  So, when he naturalised, the three oldest also received citizenship.  I have not reciprocated.  Not yet, anyway.  I keep reading about the naturalisation ceremonies in the local paper and promptly forget.  I have ADHD...

You may have seen pictures of a couple of cats beside my entries in geekzone, and I promise as soon as I figure it all out, I will show you my fine fistful of furry felines.  Soon, I hope, as it seems to be a good time for cats here.  Until some cat-hater turns up, I suppose! 

Now, if only I can find some santa outfits for the pictures of the puddies...

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