It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine...

It was quieter than I thought it would be...

, posted: 12-Dec-2007 13:42

Hubby took the news of the carpet very well.  Inspected it and then got the old stanley knife out.  Do you have those here?  It is a certain brand of 'box cutter'.  My brother got arrested in Sydney just after 9/11 for carrying one on the main street of sydney.  Hey, he was the original 'Bill Posters'...

But I digress.  Again.  (You will get used to me eventually.  Hubby has.)  Ken very carefully cut out the piece of rotting carpet to prove it was rotting from the top-side down. 

Then there were a few words spoken.  Hubby told the lad that he had actually never seen him really mad.  The lad looked daggers at him and decided discretion would be better. 

Now, said 15yo had come home to find his room demolished, and had to put it back together again before he could go to bed.  too easy. 

I hit the roof this morning.  I went to inspect the floor, decided to attempt a bed-make, and put my foot on something wet.  Coca Cola, according to the guilty.  A few more words said, and it was time for school.

He was actually quite chatty.  We discussed drugs.  How many drinks does one need to get addicted?  What about cocaine, and where does it come from etc.  How did England take over China by using opium? Say give us your country and we will give you drugs?  (No, not exactly.)  Back to normal, I thought.

Yeah, right.

"I will walk to school today, Mum.'  (Oh yes?)  Back three minutes later to retrieve keys.

I went to school to give them a warning.  Dean phoned me to say he had not turned up.  According to security our alarm had been turned off at 8.31am.  I snuck back home (It was quiet at work), picked him up and marched him back to school. 

Tomorrow, if he has not attended all the rest of his classes today, his sister and I will drive into the school grounds, in front of any and all peers that bother to turn up on the second last day of the year, and hand deliver him.  Could be fun...

And this afternoon I have to face the dentist.  I was going to claim insurance on his plates, again, and spend it in Australia this Christmas.  Unfortunately I found them...
But the dentist is another saga...

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