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My Dentist, My Hero

, posted: 13-Dec-2007 19:45

Well, that was easy. The Lad no longer has to wear his plates. No longer must I beg, threaten, bribe, cajole or otherwise tear my hear out pleading him to put them in. Turns out the bite on the old crooked side is now better than the other side. Of course, this is after two years of 'wearing' plates (too poor for braces...) and having the stray tooth removed. Hmm, maybe I should have had the corresponding tooth on the other side removed too?

It's been a hard two years. Instant payout on making and fitting the plates, and then 'we' lost one. Here's the story:

One night early on in said lad's first year of high school, aka Feb 2006, we were sitting down for dinner. I requested that he go and soak his plates in denture cleaner, as required.

'I'm in trouble now...' he wailed.

'Why?" I innocently asked. Silly me.

Out came the one and only plate, (there were two, remember,) and it was broken in two.

'What happenend?' I asked. (Double silly me.)

'I don't know.'

Now, the other plate was gone completely. Does he know what happened to them, will he 'fess up' later when
he is older, like the others have on various occasions? Just as an aside, I have usually already figured it out when they have...

Fortunately, I had just changed insurance companies and had read that Dental Appliances were covered. $100 excess, to cover repair and remake, and a month later the instruments of parental torture were back in operation...

I have paid, over the last two years, for my dentist to growl the boy, look dissaprovingly at me, and laugh when I have said we could always wrap our hands around his throat and squeeze. The assistant, possibly Mrs Dentist, did not share our joke, but fortunately has never reported me to the authorities.

On the morning of our visit this Wednesday just gone, both parents ganged up on him and said we were not going on with his 'treatment'. He could pay for braces out of his own pocket as an adult. This ganging up was not necessary as the dentist has called it quits! Did he just give up? We might never know!

So there. All done. No more falling asleep in the waiting room after I have rushed home, desperately searched for the missing boy, and then done the run in just fifteen minutes without speeding, from town to town. I can fall asleep anywhere, not the least in the dentist's very nice leather armchairs. Last month I awoke to see dental assistant standing over me... 'I did promise to wake you gently,' she said. That was for permission to do a white filling in his mouth. Not subsidised by government school dental scheme, apparently.

I am also quite pleased to say that over the last two years when I have been for my annual check-up, I have not needed fillings! (At least three years since previous dental visit in Aus.)

Also, this time I will hit Update, not Delete...

One more thing, for some reason this isn't coming up as the latest (and therefore greatest) of my blogs on Geekzone's home page.  Lets see it this will do the trick!

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